Knitting Yellow Pullover Free Pattern

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Knitting Yellow Pullover :
Size: 38/40 (44/46) 
Material: 600 (700) G lime (FB 
27) "Cotofine" (70% cotton, 30% 
Polyamide, LL 90 m/50 g) by Lana 
Grossa. 1 pair Lana-Grossa- 
Scnnellstrick-N nr 6 and 1 Lana- 
Grossa-Crochet-N nr 3. 
Rib pattern: straight m-number. 
Between the RDM always 1 m re, 1 m li 
In alternating str. 
Lace pattern: M-Number divisible by 10 + 
1 + 2 RDM. Lt Knitted font arb. There are 
The back and forth drawn. Start 
With 1 RDM, the MS always VVDH, end with 
The M after the MS and 1 RDM. The first- 
16. R always Reps. 
GL Re: Hinr re m, Reverser Li M. 
Mesh Sample in lace pattern: 18 m 
and 24.5 R = 10 x 10 cm; GL Re: 14.5 m 
and 24.5 R-Lox 10 cm. 
Back piece: 82 (92) m in cross stop 
Conn (see p. 31) and for the Confederation 
10 cm in the rib pattern str, in 
The last return 1 m. 
-83 (93) 
M. Then in the lace pattern weiterarb. 
After 47.5 cm = 116 R from Bund all 
M, the Mittl 37 m form the 
Neckline, the outer part of each 23 (28) m 
The shoulders. 
Front part: Same, but for the 
Neck neckline after 41 cm = 100 R AB 
Fret the Mittl 37 m and both sides 
End separately. In the back part height the 
Rest each 23 (28) shoulder-M. 
Sleeves: 42 (52) m in the cross stop 
Conn and for the Bund 7 cm in the 
Rib pattern str, in the last 
return 1 m = 43 (53) m. Then in 
Lace pattern weiterab. At the same time for the 
Armelschrägungen AB Bund beids 10 x in 
Each 8. R each 1 m GL Rezun 63 (73) m. 
After 34.5 cm = 84 R from Bund all M cast 
Completion: Close shoulder seams, 
The neckline with 1st crab 
TETVL from Li to re). Armel 
Insert, close side and sleeve seams. 

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