White Beautiful Blouse Free Pattern

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Size: 42-44 

You will need: 300 g white yarn (№ 01) Adelia RITA (100% Nylon, 50 g/145 m), 150 g white yarn (№ 01) Adelia AURA (100% Acrylic, 50 g/250 m), 50 g white yarn (№ 01) Visantia Travka (100% Polyester, 100 g/150 m), spokes № 4 , Hook № 4. 
Knit Double thread: RITA + AURA. 

Platelka Mating: persons. P. and N. P.-Persons. P. 
The Density of knitting, Platelka knitting double thread: 15 p. x 32 P. = 10 x 10 cm

Before and back: Double thread to dial 90 p. and knit with a binding. Having executed 15 SM (48 р.), for sleeves to add on both parties 12 X 1 p. In each 2nd P. 12 times. Then knit without additions. After 16 cm (52 p.) from the beginning of work without additions for the bevel of the shoulders to close on both sides 13 x 3 p. In each 2nd P. Continue work without decrease. by Tying 10 cm (32 p) from the beginning of work without decrease, close the remaining p. 

Assembly: Perform side and shoulder seams as well as collar seams. Turn the Collar on the wrong side and sew with a secret seam. On the bottom edge of the finished product of yarn Visantia TRAVKA to tie 3 p. St. c/N. At the edges of the sleeves of the yarn Visantia TRAVKA to perform 2 p. St. c/N.

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