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Bring to your attention Spring Shell 
Author: Simona Merchant-Dest 

In the original, Gedifra florida 50% cotton, 50% polyacryl / microfiber, approximately 130m / 50g, hook 3.5 

I took the ROSE Vita cotton 100% mercerized cotton, 150m / 50 gr, hook 3.0 

Density of knitting: 19 p * 24 rows = 10 * 10 cm border, 18 p * 9 rows = 10 * 10 cm of the main pattern, 16 p of the patterned strip = 7.62 cm The 

top knits in a circle by turning rows from below to armholes then divided into back and before. 
We start to knit with a border, we collect a chain in a vp, we close it in a circle, then we knit the installation row of stb, turn the work. 
The next 1 row of knit we knit with stb for the front half-loop, we turn knitting
2 row of face-knit stbn, according to the description for the first two sizes to repeat these two rows 10 times, other sizes 12 times 
If such knitting seems to be confused, you can link ssn, there are many incarnations on the border, where the border is simply connected ss 

Scheme of the main pattern in the description, there will be 1 vp between groups, and the side fans come from lush columns from 2 ssn, I haven’t changed the diagram, but keep in mind) 

work, ledianika 


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