Crochet Women Cap

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I found a very nice hat for you. You can do it with different colors.
I'm sure you look good.

crochet binds like this: -link 3 cp. In the first bind 8 tbsp. without a crochet. Depending on the thickness of the hook and yarn, there may be 6 or 7. 

If the bottom is flat, knit along the circle with the increments: in the first row, two bars in each loop of the previous row, in the second row - in every second, in the third - in each third and so on, until the diameter is about 18cm. The circumference of this circle will be the size of the head. The right size is determined by the formula 2 "pi" R (pi = 3.14, R-radius of the bottom). 

- further down the cap fit, without increases of about 14 cm (determined individually To cap close to the head, in the last third of linen do subtraction: 8 evenly loops in every other row 2 times.. 

Knobs on the canvas tally as follows:

two cp. lifting, polustolbik with a crochet on the trail. loop of the lower row, * two air loops. Then in the formed gap between the two air. loops of lifting and half-column with a crochet to connect a magnificent column from five-seven loops; Two loops of the previous series to skip, in the third to connect the half-shell with the crochet. To repeat from *. Only now we are knitting a magnificent column simply by twisting the newly knitted half-wool with a crochet. 

The next row is knitted with columns without a crochet (in each arch of two air loops that precede a lavish column - three columns without a crochet.) The second and third rows are also knitted with stitches without a crochet. Then - again the bumps

If the cap is knit in the form of a cap, the diameter of the bottom will be approximately 11cm. Then alternate 1 row alternately, one without adding. But in any case, every time the hat should be tried on. There are only basic formulas, and each new product will make its own adjustments.

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