Knitting a mens vest with braids

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Men's vest, knitted, looks very stylish and fashionable. The vest is decorated with a braid pattern. 

Vest size 48/50 

You will need: 350 g of khaki yarn "Alize Lanagold Classik" (51% acrylic, 49% sheep wool. 240 m / 100 g) or some other yarn to your taste, needles number 4, five needles number 4, a thick needle. 

Gum: Alternately 1 person. n., 1 out. P. 
Facial surface: persons. R .: Persons. n., izn. R .: izn. n. 
Pattern "braids" knit according to the scheme.

Before: Yarn main color. dial 74 points, knit elastic 14 rows. Next, knit 2 rows with the front satin stitch and evenly add 24 points = 98 points (4 full rapport of the “braid” pattern according to the scheme. Then knit with the “braid” pattern to a height of 35 cm and begin to form the armhole. In 15 row 3 rapport in height, close for the armhole 3 loops in the beginning of the row, in 16 - 3 loops, in 17 - 2 loops, in 18 - 2 loops, in 19 - 2 loops, in 20 - 2 loops, in 21 - 1 loop, in 22 - 1 loop = 82 loops in the work.Next, we knit up to 4 reports in height and in 11 row 4 rapports close the middle 40 loop to form a V-shaped neck.Then we knit the shoulders separately, closing 1 loop in each 2 row, knit 26 rows = 27 loops in the shoulder, all loops are closed and knit similarly to the 2nd shoulder.

Back: Knit in the same way as before, but in the 33rd row of the 4th rapport in height to close the neckline, average 24 loops, total in the shoulder 29 loops. Knit 4 rows, closing 1 stitch in each even row, and 27 loops in the shoulder. 

Assembly. Run shoulder seams. On the edge of the neckline, put loops on 5 spokes and knit 4 rows with an elastic band 11. On the edge of an armhole on needles No. 4, put loops and knit 6 rows with an elastic band 11. Close all loops, perform side seams. Wet the product and dry it horizontally. 

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