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Size:  on a head circumference of 52-55 cm, age 6-8 years old. 
You will need:  20 g of pink yarn (Yarnart Jeans 55% cotton, 45% polyacryl, weight: 50 g., Length: 160 m, color No. 42), hook , bead, satin ribbon 1 m. 

Work description:

Dial a chain of air loops (the length of the chain should be equal to the head circumference + 0.5 cm for a free fit) and snap into a ring. 
Next, knit according to the scheme.

Retract the ribbon into the holes and tie it with a bow.

For a rose of 26 petals, dial 52 air loops and knit according to the scheme. Twist the resulting band around and sew. then sew a bead to the finished flower. 
Sew a flower to the bandage, as in the photo.

Source : http://rukodelie.ztinfo.info/vyazanaya-kryuchkom-p...s-rozochkoj-avtorskaya-rabota/

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