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Having gained some experience in knitting bags from polyethylene bags, I will try this experience to share with you. In this message I want to give a more complete description of my white handbag with anthracite roses from my collection of evening bags. In the beginning I would like to consider this handbag from all sides:

This bag is connected from tapes, cut in two ways: 1- tapping bands with rings and 2-tapping the tapes in a spiral. The bag is connected from white packages with ribbons, cut rings 1.7 cm wide and hook 1.7 mm and a strap of black bags with ribbons cut in width 2 cm, hook 1.7 mm. Roses are connected from anthracite packages with ribbons cut in a spiral 2cm wide, hook 1.1mm. To make a bag shape, inside it is sewn a net for shells. I sew the net with the same ribbon from which the main pattern knitted, using a darning needle. In order not to see this mesh, I tied the lining with half-columns of c / n of white ribbons cut in width of 1.5 cm, a hook of 1.7 mm, as well as pockets, one with a zip and the other open. I connected the front side of the bag with the lining and sidebags of the bag at first with pins, and then tied st.b / n. I tied the strap for the bag from the black ribbons. This bar is connected in the form of a ribbon 4cm wide in a circle (this was dictated by the pattern from which this plank is connected). She folded the bar in half, tied it with a step and sewed it to the bag. Then she tied two straps for fastening with a zipper of white ribbons and sewn a zipper.
The main pattern for the bag is linked according to the scheme:

number of petals and their size was chosen when assembling the rose, by experience, so I can not accurately describe how many of them are in each rose. Roses are bound from the thinnest packages. These packages are the cheapest and usually used for garbage. I was insanely happy when I realized that you can knit roses the size of which is real from these packages, if you cut the packages in a spiral, i.e. one thread, and not doubled, as when tapping bands. 
If someone has questions about this handbag, then I can add answers to them in this message, it seems this is possible here, using editing.

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