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This master class on knitting describes in detail how to make a very beautiful, lovely and original knitted box from an ordinary box. To do this, you just need to tie a plastic jar with a hook and decorate a little. The manufacture of such boxes under the force, even a beginner. So, we begin to knit a box.

Crochet knitted box
For this we need: 
1. Jar for boxes - is any jar of cream or balm 
I took just such, it is spacious and tightly twisted

2. Jeans or cotton threads (knit in two additions; therefore, make two hanks of the main color in advance)

3. Scissors, needle, thread, super glue (gel), beads, beads

So, let's begin. Crochet knitted box.

We tie our jar with columns without nakida, as follows: 
1 row: Amigurumi loop of 6 sbn 
2 row: 2sbn to each loop = 12 sbn 
3 row: 1sbn, 2 sbn - 6 times = 18sbn 
4 row: 2sbn, 2 sbn - 6 times = 24sbn 
5 row: 3sbn, 2 sbn - 6 times = 30sbn 
6 row: 4sbn, 2 sbn - 6 times = 36sbn 
and so on until your circle of threads becomes as large as the bottom of a jar

Now that we have tied the desired size of the bottom, we knit one row behind the back wall of the loop, like this

And we continue to knit without increases to the desired height. If a jar with a twist like mine do not forget that we do not tie the thread. That is, we do not end it.

Now we come to our lid, we act on the same principle as with a jar, only the height is shorter.

Our jar is almost ready, but don't mess it up.

We start to decorate a crochet knitted box

Knitted box scheme

We form a lid. We tie a cover with ryush in the following way: a connecting loop, headb.

Glue decorations to the base of the knitted box and the lid

And voila, we have such a crocheted box crocheted
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