Mittens with an Indian wedge for the thumb

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You scored suppose 44 loops, knit a cuff in any way, elastic or as you like. 

After the cuff, you need to knit several rows without forming a wedge, let it be 5 rows. To do this, from the palm of your hand, you knit the face with a satin stitch, and from the back of the palm you will knit a pattern of what you like. 

All loops are distributed equally on 4 needles. 

Next, you decide on the number of loops for the thumb. I am for 44 common loops finger will knit from 20 loops. 

Now I will only talk about the palm. 

Knit the right mitten. 
22 loop palm. 
start to form a wedge.
16 facial (I explain why 16: the whole finger is 20, but after forming a wedge, you will assemble 4 loops on the edge of your body with mittens for your finger), knit the next loop (17) behind the front and back wall (formed instead of 1 loop, two), the other loops facial. 

Knit the following and subsequent rows as the first: 16 front, 17 - behind the front and back walls, the rest of the front. So you add up until you have "extra" 16 loops. then separate the right loops 16p into a string or pins, as you prefer, connect under the finger with the back side and knit the mitten as usual to the end. 
Where the palm and the back side are joined, you draw 4 loops from the edge, remove the finger loops with needles and knit your finger as usual. 

Left mitten. 

5 facial, following the knit for the front and back wall (I turn this loop to my face, then the left and right mittens will look the same in the place of the wedge), 16 faces. second row. 

6 persons, following the front and back wall, 16 faces., Etc.  

If you need to extend the palm in the region of the "finger", then you will make a wedge on a loop 2-3 wider, but then you will also dial a finger for 2 3 loops around the edge more. But then gradually reduce these loops. My husband has a wide palm, I add loops. Then subtract. 

Take it to the bank, it will come in handy


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