Knitting Easter Egg

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Such crocheted Easter eggs can decorate the interior of the apartment for the holiday - make them suspension or simply beautifully put on a plate and put on a chest of drawers or a coffee table. And if you insert a small bell into this souvenir, you will get a rattle for the baby. Making Easter gifts with your own hands is a great way to comfortably spend several evenings with children, connecting them to different kinds of needlework.


You will need:

- the remains of colored yarn,

- knitting needles without limiters,

- limitless imagination.

Approximate size of the finished egg: height - 14 cm, diameter - about 6.5 cm.

Step 1. For the three spokes, type 36 loops (12 loops for each spoke); 
we knit 5 rows round; 
6 row - on each spoke 2 times evenly we sew together 2 loops (now on three spokes - 30 loops); 
7-8 row - tie the face in a circle; 
9 row - continue to reduce the loops (3 loops facing, 2 together). There should be 24 loops on the spokes. 
10 row - tie the face; 
11 row - continue decreasing (2 loops facing, 2 together). There are now 18 loops on the spokes; 
12 row - we subtract: 1 facial, 2 together. There are 12 loops on the spokes;

Step 2. Cut the thread, leaving 30 cm. We put it into the needle. On the needle from the spokes we collect the loops and tightly tighten. We fix the thread.

Step 3. Now on the spokes raise the loops from the resulting blank. 
On each spoke we dial 12 loops (total 36).

we tie two rows in a circular face;
we begin the reduction: 4 persons, 2 together (on the spokes - 30 loops);
we tie two rows round the face;
we subtract: 3 persons, 2 together (24 loops);
we tie two rows round the face;
2 persons, 2 together (on the spokes - 18 loops);
we tie two rows round the face;
1 persons, 2 together (on the spokes - 12 loops);
Step 4. Cut a fairly long thread, collect the loops on the needle and slightly pull together. Through the hole we fill the egg with any filler. With the help of the hook, we tighten the hole, fix the thread.

Step 5. Hook the loop with the hook.

A knitted Easter egg as a gift is ready!

Those who are no longer a beginner in knitting, you can experiment - to connect the Easter eggs in stripes or with some ornament. You can embroider a pattern with a contrasting thread. For example, you can embroider two letters 


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