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Probably like many, I regret throwing out even the smallest residual threads .... the hand does not rise. I knit from the residual small flowers. I will show you in great detail, as the master class counted on beginning to crochet, but already familiar with crochets. In the process I want to show a few tricks
After getting acquainted with the sliding loop, circular knitting I start only with it. Here is a rough image of a similar loop.

Knit 12 double crochet (lift loops and 11 double crochet). We do not close the circle.

Well, from experience ... make several

now close in a circle. This can be done with the help of a hook (it is convenient to use a smaller number) or with a needle. The rest of the tip is reset to the loop of the base (not into the lift loop, but into the first column) from the front side to the wrong side.

Now from the inside out we pull up the tip, forming even loops of the base.

Now it remains to hide the ends - I tie them in a knot (sometimes it is called sea, sometimes surgical) - it is very important to tie it correctly.

Sertsevinochka ready. Now we knit simple petals. 3 air loops

In the next loop there are 3 columns with 2 nakida and 3 more air loops

And this is closed in the next loop of the base connecting column (not a column without nakida)

The flower from the residues is ready, it remains to hide the tips and steam. And now we are thinking where to apply it.

Decorate everything that comes under the hands - children's hats, hats, sarafan, handbags

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