Cat Stand Under the Cup

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For work you will need:
- Alaska yarn from the manufacturer Nako gray;
- Yarn;
Acrylic is white and pink;
- hook number 2;
- a pair of peepholes (black half-beads);
- ornaments (bow);
- some felts.
And the ability to crochet ovals, circles and triangles. There are no schemes. In fact, everything is very simple - only 17 pieces. And a little imagination.

We knit the workpiece. We will need:
1 circle - the body (connected to the CER 4 rows in a circle, the thread is gray)
2 ovals - the head (4 rows of RLS, 1 row of SSNs are connected in a circle, the thread is gray)
1 oval - muzzle (4 rows of RLS are connected in a circle, the thread is white)
2 triangles - eyelet (1 row connected - 2CON, 1CC2H, 2CN into one loop, 2 rows of RLS gray thread)
2 triangles - the inner part of the ear (dial 6 in, knit, subtracting on the sides, pink thread)
4 paws - (knit as half of the oval, RLS 2 rows back and forth, thread gray). Front slightly longer than the rear. On the front dialed 8 in, on the back 6 in.).
4 cushions on the feet - (2 circles 10 SSS in ka, 2 semicircle 8 SSS in one loop)
1 tail - get the desired length from the inside of me 15. To twist the tail, tie it in a zigzag. In one place lower 3 loops, in the other make an increase from 3 loops.

Sew pads to the paws and pink triangles to the ears, the tip of the tail embroidered with white thread.

Tie the two ovals of the head, inserting the ears between them. Fill with sinter and distribute the remainder.

To issue a muzzle. Sew a white part, lightly fill it with sinters. Slightly pull the muzzle down the center, embroider your mustache and nose. Glue the eyes.

Head, front legs and body tie in one step. Hind legs and a tail also tied a crochet.
Decorate your cat with a bow, or as fantasy tells.
A perfect gift for friends and family is ready!

Source : Irina Koren

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  1. Posted by SueB, at

    This kitty is adorable! Is there a key to the terms used? I am in the US and use those terms.

  2. Posted by [email protected], at

    This is so cute making for Christmas presents

  3. Posted by nelleus, at

    i would love to make these but do not know the abbreviations can anyone tell what they are use dc ss etc

  4. Posted by nelleus, at

    I would love to make this but I need the abbreviations in us terms can anyone help me

  5. Posted by Kathie, at

    Legend: sn = Air Loop; sc = column without nakida; CCH = column with nakida; PRSPs = polustolbik with nakida; ss = connecting bar; increase (from PRSPs or CCH) = 2 column (PRSPs or CLOs) in one loop; ubavka = knit 2 together without nakida column, as shown below: ряд = row сбн=sc=sb уб =A=decrease =prib=k=ub приб=v=(increase)

  6. Posted by grannypjg, at

    Is there a complete pattern in English? I do not understand abbreviations.

  7. Posted by CDHowe, at

    This is so cute. I would like to get the pattern in English please. Can anyone help with this?