Elastic 1x1 with a rounded edge master class

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A neat 1x1 elastic is great for cuffs of sleeves and finishing the neck of a sweater. Such an elastic band will not tuck, and its typesetting edge is much less subject to stretching during the process of wearing the product. 

For knitting, you need a yarn of the main color and an auxiliary thread of a contrasting color. 

Dial on the needles half of the desired number of loops - this is a contrast thread. More this thread is not needed and it can be cut so as not to interfere with further work. 

Next, knit the thread of the main color. 
Knit the first row of facial loops. You can also knit the edge loop, you do not need to remove it. This applies exclusively to the first row. In the future, the edge loops are removed, as usual - without knitting. 

Second row - purl loops. 
The third row is the facial loops. 

Knit turn to work on the fourth row.

Edge off. The next loop is a purl. Then lift the loop from the 1st row broach, put it on the left knitting needle and knit the front one. The next loop is again a purl (it is already on the needle). Raise the loop from the 1st row again and knit it with the front one. 
And so on. 
Thus, it is necessary to alternate: knit loops from the purses, and facial loops - from broaches. It is convenient to lift the loops using a hook or additional knitting needles. 

The number of loops will double and reach the required calculated quantity. 

It looks like knitting at the end of the fourth row: 

The fifth row is knit as the loops lie, i.e. purl knit purl, and facial - facial. Formed 1x1 gum. 

Knit 1x1 rubber band following rows to obtain the desired height.

Auxiliary thread to dissolve and pull out of knitting. She is no longer needed. 

Gum with a rounded edge is ready. Then you can knit the product with the selected pattern. 

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