Crochet Candle Free Pattern

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VP-Air Loop;
SS – Connecting to catch up;
RVN-to catch up without a scum;
PRSPs – a half-column with a scale;
PRSs – Catch up with the scum;
S2N – Catch up with 2 scum;
PR-Increase: 2 SBN on one hinge of the base;
PRSPs-Increment: 2 PRSPs on one hinge of the base;
PRSs-Increment: 2 PRSs on one hinge of the base;
UB – Ubroka: 2 sbn to fight;

A black thread to dial 6 EAP and to be in touch with Fiku 5 ss. Finish knitting Date added. Leave the passing length of about 10 cm.

It's knitting in a spiral.
1 Hunting: Dial 2 vp and connect 6 SBN connections to the second from the Hook Loop (6).
2 Hunny: (OL) * 6 repeated (12).
3 Hunny: (ave, 1 SBN) * 6 repeated (18).

4 Hunny: (ave, 2 SBN) * 6 repeated (24).
5 Hunting: (d, 3 SBN) * 6 was repeated (30).
6 The Hunted: (d, 4 SBN) * 6 was repeated (36).
7 Hunting: The soloists of the front half-loops touch the caste of 36 columns with a rachim step, 1 VP.
8 Hunting: On the free half-loops of 6 rows of 36 SBN, networks forming "wax sweats" from lush columns, having gastroenterological in any order and in any quantity.
Wax Drip: (3 VP, Lush to catch in the 1st loop) * Repeat 1, 3 or 4 times, finish each participant completely from the potties Pico of 3 VP.
9 – 20 Hunny: 36 RVN. Knit ranks, nets capturing formed wax droplets» and gradually and imperceptibly engaging gastroenterological in the cloth Nakolochka.

Change passing to dark orange or bronze color with pre-strung beads in refined (for those nouns like precision-will need 258 beads).
21 Hunny: (Ave, 5 SBN) * 6 repeated (42). Rotate knitting Date added.
Further knitting the outside, networks engaging beads in each loop: To move Biserinka break up to the knitted cloth. (Grab the crochet working pass, get the usual SBN.) * Repeat to the end of the series. All the beads remain on the wrong side securely fastened and evenly injected.
22-26 Hunting: 42 RVN (with beads).
Finish knitting Date added. The passing pin. Trim. (There will be beads on the thread-you'll need to tell!!!)
Thread the wick needle or crochet the inside of the Nakolochka through the center of the 1st row and fix the glycerin Ljubyma way. Fill the candle with a filler (it is convenient to stuffing a rolled roll with a synth or foam). To strengthen Ukrferri bottom (to insert from a cardboard a circle of the corresponding track or, intra-university I, simply to paste a plastic cap from under a lemonade).

Candle bottom: 
It is knitted on a spiral without beads.
1 row: Dial 2 vp and reach 6 in the second loop from the Hook (6).
2 row: (OL) * 6 times (12).
3 row: (d, 1 sbn) * 6 times (18).
4 row: (d, 2 SBN) * 6 times (24).
5 row: (d, 3 SBN) * 6 times (30).
6 row: (d, 4 sbn) * 6 times (36).
7 Series: (d, 5 SBN) * 6 times (. 42).
8 row: Without breaking the thread tie the bottom with a candlestick, making evenly 6 increments (48) and engaging the remaining beads.
9 Row: (4 VP, skip 3 loops, 1 in the next loop) * Repeat to the end of the series = 12 arches.
10 Row: (9 in Arch of 4 VP) * 12 times.
Finish knitting. Fasten the thread, trim and refill.

THE CANDLE is ready!!!

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