LUXURY Beanie handmade SWEET DREAMS with the description

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I have to say, the description will be for those who know how to knit, detailed progress can not give ... 
Knit cap on the amount of little head 46-48 cm. Strings Alize Baby Wool yarn 2, took 2 hanks, 3 knitting needles for the ears, and then 4.5 knitting needles (stockings). For this volume, I have 88 loops, 4 reports of a pattern on a hat, a rapport of 22 loops consists of both braids and a harness: 12 loops of a braid, 2 purses, 6 loops of a harness and 2 loops of purses. 

So, first, we knit the eyelet separately, and then we hook the loops between the ears and knit the cap with 5 needles so that there are no seams, I hate them ... 

Earlet: we knit with the needles 3. We collect 6 loops and increase in the back rows in the form nakida, and in the facial we knit with a crossed loop. Increments do in 2,4,6,8,12,18-x rows. Knit 19 rows. The ears can be tied with facial ones, I knitted them with simple flagella of 2 facial loops, and between them 2 purses, so that the pattern is connected to our elastic band caps. 

The number of loops between the ears from the front side is 34, and from the purl 18 and I continue to knit whole, without cutting the thread, the beginning of the row I always have behind the cap ... 

Plait of 6 loops: shemka: I crossed through 6 rows 
Next went on to the main pattern.
Shortened the cap: 23 row (-8), 26 (-8), 29 (-8), 32 (-8), 35 (-8), 37 (-12), 39 (-8), 40 (-8 ). 
Tied a cap connecting posts. The strings are flagella ... Pompon and bow are removable on brooch pins. Inside lining - fleece

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