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Crochet floral border is a spring mood in any season. It is necessary to add such a finish to any home textile, and the boring winter will recede. If you have already missed bright colors, then be sure to crochet a floral border. And what to decorate it must be there!
If the photo is not enough, I will explain how to knit a row with flowers.

3 vp rise, 3 CCH in the first arch of the ce, 1 CCH into the next arch. We begin to knit a flower: 3 vp, 3 unfinished CCH on one loop of the base, knit all the loops on the hook = 1st petal. 4 vp, remove the hook from the knitting, enter into the upper part of the related group of columns from right to left, grab the last loop of the chain and drag it through all the loops = ring.

The next petal: * 3 vp, 2 SSN in a ringlet, 3 vp, SBN in a ringlet * (= 2nd petal), repeat from * to * 2 more times. Last petal: 3 ce, 3 unfinished CLS, tie all the loops on the hook (= 5th petal). Flower ready. 
3 CCH through one arch of the previous row, 1 CCH into the next arch, and begin to knit the next flower.

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