A cap with a spider

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Size OG 53-55 cm 

From the author: The 
hip-bini with a spider is quite popular on the Internet, there are also offered a lot of schemes for knitting this pattern and even video -mk, but I want to share my way of knitting this model. 

Initially, I liked the pattern, immediately remembered about the tribe, it remains only to bind. 

It is also boring to rub the wrong surface, as well as the face, and the adjustments on the purl glade do not impress me, I decided to diminish it in my own way, making the outlines of the spider web on the vertex. 

Photos are only on my daughter. 

And now a brief description. 
Materials used:
Yarn Extra Merino Schaschenmayr, 100% wool, Jeans color, 130m / 50g 
Needle number 3 for elastic, No. 3.5 on the main pattern. 
The size of the exhaust gas is 53-55 cm. The 

loops are typed with an Italian set of loops on spokes 2.5 mm. 
At the OG 54 cm dialed 128 loops. 
Having knitted 2 rows of hollow gum, she switched to knitting needles No. 3 and knitted 1 piece of linen for 1in 3 cm, then tied a 1 row with facial loops. 
Further, relying on the scheme, knitted 4 rows of purl hair and a spider. 

The scheme is taken from the Internet, but I made several changes. 

In the penultimate series of the scheme of the beginning of the decrease. 
The figure shows schematically the lines for decreasing the loops and their placement on the cap. 
Losses consist of 4 wedges, decreases 8 loops in a row through a row:
2 together purl, 1 facial, 2 together purl. 
At the beginning of the loss between the wedges on the 31 purl loop. 

Having plowed 7-8 rows with discounts, she made new wedges from 1 face loop and started decreasing before and after the facial. 
Knit the hinges from the previous wedges to the end as facial. 

That's the whole description of a simple but interesting hat.

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