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Two sizes. The height of the backrest 41 (44) cm. The density of knitting 25 p. X29 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 5 buttons. Knitting needles to obtain the desired density. 400 g of yarn. 
Relief pattern - a pattern of braids and 1x1 elastic make this jacket not only beautiful, but also warm. Baby will look wonderful in it. 

The back and front shelves 

As you notice the jacket fit with raglan. 
For the shelf dial 56 (58) p. And Knit 10 p. 1x1 gum, 23 p. - braids, 23 (25) p. 1x1 gum. 
At the same time from the side edge, subtract 1 p. To 8, 16, 24, 32, 38, 44, 50, 56, 62, 68 (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 62, 68, 74 a) rows. 
On the 25th row, close the 28 points for the pocket. In the 26th row, dial 28 p.
Next, for the raglan in the 74 (80) row, close the last 3 (4) items. And continue decreasing as follows: in each second row, 1 loop 11 times; in each row 1 loop 16 times. 

The neckline is designed with 32 rows from the start of the raglan. 

1 row: close 7 p. 
3 row: close 4 p. 
5 row: close 3 p. 
7 row: close 1 p. 
9 row: close 2 p. 
The second shelf fits in mirror. 

The back fits like the front shelves. Only without pockets. 

Dial 109 (113) p. = 23 (25) p. 1x1 gum; 23 n. - pattern of braids; 17 p. 1x1 gum; 23 n. - pattern of braids; 23 (25) p. 1x1 gum. Removing from both sides of the back of a knitted sweater is similar to shelves. 

Raglan is a little different.

At 74 (80) row, close 3 (5) p. Next, close 1 p. 2 times in every fourth row, 7 times close 1 p. In every second row; and 1 p. 20 times in each row. 

Close the remaining loops.

Sleeve knitted sweaters follow the scheme. The red line is the first size.

Trims for knitted children's sweaters and assembly 

. Align the strip 11 with a 1x1 elastic band on the edge of the sleeve and the bottom. 
Sew the shoulder seam. Sew on sleeves. 
Sew bottom of sleeves and side seam. 
Raise 99 points for the collar and tie 17 rows. In this case, the first 5 rows of the needles should be replaced with a small size, then 6 p a little more than the size and the rest the usual size. 
Make a strap for buttons. 

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