Breasted Hooded Jacket Pattern

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Double-breasted hooded jacket for the boy. 
For 2-3 years
You will need: Yarn "popular" (50% wool, 45% acrylic, 5% acrylic volumetric, 133 m/100 g)-400 g gray, the remains of fine yarn gray, spokes № 4.5 and № 2.5, 4 buttons.

Platelka Mating: persons. Ranks and Rows of persons. Loops.
Facial surface: Faces. Rows of persons. Hinges, Rows of persons. Loops.

Backrest, shelves, hood: On the spokes № 4.5 dial 102 p. and knit 12 cm platelkoj. The next person. Row for inner pockets of the first 18 p., then 11 p. Remove the additional. The Spokes and dial them again, Prozhyite 44 p., 11 p. Remove the additional. Spokes, dial them again, bring 18 p. 

Then bring 5 rows. The next person. Row tie Loops for buttons: Push 3 p., close 2 p. (In the next row dial them again), bring 8 p., again close 2 p. and Continue knitting. After 12 cm, make two more loops in the same way. At an altitude of 22 cm from the inlaid edge of the work divide into the back (42 p.) and shelves (30 p.), knit them separately. 

For armholes of sleeves close on each side of a backrest on 3 p., at shelves from the side of sleeves-3 p. A back knit on 36 loops, shelves on 27 loops. At height of a armhole 16 SM put together 11 p. Shoulders of a shelf and a backrest and close loops, having put together on 1 p. with each spokes.

Hood: Put the remaining loops on one spoke, type in the areas of the shoulder seams for another 2 p. (= 50 p.) and put 4 rows. Further in each 4th row add on each side from two central loops on 1 p. At the height of the hood of 21 cm, divide the loops into 2 spokes and close the same as the shoulder seams.

Sleeves: Dial 25 p. and knit 6 cm. Then for bevel sleeves add 
12 times x 1 p. On each side of the sleeve in each 5th row (= 49 p.). At an altitude of 32 cm from the inlaid edge, close all loops.

Pocket: For the inner pocket on the spokes № 2.5, translate the postponed 11 p. Bring in thin yarn 1 persons. Row, making additional loops from the stretch marks (= 23 p.). Then knit the faces. 20 cm. Fold the pocket in half and sew the knit seam to the slit. Sew the sides of the pocket and sew from the wrong side to the shelf. Perform the same second pocket.

Assembly: Complete the seams of the sleeves, sew the sleeves. Sew the buttons.

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