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On a cool day our kid is so much fun walking in a yellow cape with a hood decorated with pompoms. 

SIZE: 2-4 years 

YOU ARE REQUIRED: Mondier Majorette yarn (55% merino wool, 45% acrylic, 80 m / 100 g) - 400 g yellow (No. 796); spokes number 8; hook number 10. 

Dual rubber band (start of work): with contrasting thread, type half the required loops. 
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1-r р .: working thread knit * 1 persons., 1 cape, from * constantly repeat. 

2 nd r .: * nakid tie obverse 1 st. To remove, as in the case of the back knitting, thread before work, from * constantly repeat.

3rd and all subsequent rows: * 1 person., 1 st., Remove, as in the case of the back knitting, the thread before work, from * constantly repeat. In the finished part, the contrasting thread should be dissolved. 

Double gum (to complete the work): 
1st and all the following rows: * 1 person., Thread before work, 1 st., Remove, as in the case of the back knitting, the thread at work, from * constantly repeat. 

Facial smoothness: facial rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. 

Density knitting: facial smoothness - 10 p. X 12 r. = 10 x 10 cm. 

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The model knit with a single cloth, beginning with the hood. 

Contrast thread draw on the needles 42 sts and the main thread knit the first and last 3 pts double rubber band, the rest of the loops - the front face.

After 24 cm, the main thread to collect additional 37 pips on both sides and knit newly typed loops with a double elastic band, the middle 42 pts with the front surface. 

Through 4 r. knit the extreme on both sides of the 3 nd double rubber band, the rest of the loops are facial smooth. Since the 43rd р. to reduce on both sides after the first three and before the last three loops in each 4th p. 3 x 1 p., In each following 2-nd r. 8 x 1 n. And in each following series 24 x 1 n. 

For the remaining 46 items, connect 2 p. double rubber band and close all the hinges. 

ASSEMBLY: Dissolve the contrast set of the set (the upper edge of the hood), fold the knitting edge in half and sew, connecting each of the 21 st parts of one part with the corresponding loop of the second part.

Hook thread in 2 additions to perform 2 chains with a length of 20 v. and sew the chains to both sides of the neck. Sew pom-poms to the free ends of chains. Another pompon is sewn to the corner of the hood. 

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