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How to crochet booties boots
For knitting bootees, shoes, pick up a suitable acrylic yarn, it is ideal for knitting children's clothes, does not shed and does not shrink. Threads should be of medium thickness (100-150 m in a skein 50 g). One hank will be enough. You can also use leftover threads for finishing.

In addition to the yarn, you will need: 
- hook No. 3.5; 
- scissors; 
- a piece of cardboard; 
- 4 flat buttons.

Knitting soles

Dial a chain of 10 air loops and 3 loops for lifting and start knitting the first row. In the fourth loop from the hook, tie 1 crochet post, then another 8 crochet posts into each loop and 7 posts into the first air loop of the chain. Knit twist and tie the chain on the other side in the same way.

For the second row, tie 2 air lift loops and 1 half double crochet into the same loop. Make 1 double crochet increase, then knit 4 semi-columns into each loop, then 5 double crochets, make 6 increases from double crochets, 5 more double crochets into each loop of the previous row, then 4 semi-columns, make 4 half-columns. double crochet and knit 1 connecting column.

Knit the third and fourth rows in the same way, making increases at the beginning, middle and end of the series to make an oval. Tie another footplate in the same way.

Cut out the cardboard template for the sole. Put it between the connected parts and tie them together with crocheted yarn of a contrasting shade. Draw round 4 rows in a circle with crochets, forming the sides of the booties-boot.

Knitting sock booties

Starting from the 10th row, knit a sock booties, boots, doing down. Knit 9 columns without nakid, make a decrease (6 columns, distributing them evenly on the toe of the bootie), 13 columns without nakida, make a decrease 2 times, distributing them evenly on the heel, 6 columns without nakida

Knit tops booties-boots

Starting from the next 11th row, crochet in the forward and reverse directions to create a boot buckle strap. 11th row - incomplete facial. Knit 7 single crochets, make 7 reductions, then knit 5 single crochets and turn knitting.

In the 12th row, knit 1 air lift loop, then 5 non-crochet columns, make a subtraction, 2 non-crochet columns, another decrease, knit 27 columns and turn the knitting. In the 13th row, knit 1 air lift loop, 3 non-crochet poles, make 22 elongated loops, subtraction, 2 non-crochet columns, one more subtraction, 3 elongated loops, crochet 1 non-crocheted pole and turn knitting again. In the 14th row, tie all the loops with single crochets to the end of the row, without subtracting. Repeat the 13th and 14th rows to the correct bootleg height. Left bootie knit in the mirror image.

Forming the bar

For the fastener, tie the edges of the bootie with crochets. In the first row of the strap, knit from the top edge of the boot towards the sole, make the last column as a connecting stitch, hooking the thread on the other side of the fastener. Knit turn over.

In the second row knit, form holes for buttons, as follows. Wire 4 crochets without crotch, 3 air loops, passing 2 loops of the previous row, then 4 crochets without crochet, 3 air loops (in this case skip 2 loops of the previous row) and 3 crochets without crochet.

In the 3rd row, make 3 columns without a nakid, 2 columns in an arch of air loops, then another 4 columns without a nakid, 2 columns in an arch of air loops and 4 columns without a nakida. In the last 4th row of the plank, tie all the loops with single crochets and cut the thread. Tie the bar in the mirror image on the left boot. Sew 2 flat buttons to the other side of the clasp.

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