Knitted Baby Booties

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Knitting Baby Booties Material :

We proceed. We select the number of spokes under the strings. I knitted №2,5. 
We select a thread of the main color of 46 loops +2 edges and knit the facial surface (faces - rows - faces, loops, outlines - a loop). 
1st row : 22n, crossed cape, 2n, crossed cape, 22n. 
Crossed Cape - bend the string with an arc and turn it clockwise. The resulting loop is put on the spoke.

3rd row: 22n, crossed. nakid, 4n, cross. nakid, 22p. So knit 2 - 2,5 cm, not forgetting in each face row after and before 22p. do crossed nakidy and increase the number of loops in the middle by 2. It should be so

We take a thread of a different color (the main thread is not cut off) and we knit "denticles", but without any additions. 3 rows of facial smoothness

We knit the 4-th row (work to you on the wrong side): * 2 n together face, nakid (nakid simple, for holes). Knit to the end of the series from * to *

5th and 6th row - facial smoothness The 
thread is cut off and fixed.

Now we take the thread of the main color. We fold in half what is connected with another color. Obtained denticles. They need to be fixed. I do this with a hook. 
We fuse Zn together (one loop from the knitting needles and the other from the opposite side of the contrasting color of the first row of the loop). We put the loop on the knitting needle. Take care that the "denticles" do not warp.

We send 7 more rows of faces smooth (1.5 - 2 cm).

We calculate the average 12 loops (I have 20 + 12 + 20). We impose 20 loops with the main color thread. We attach a thread of a different color and we knit a pattern "three of three" on the middle 12 loops. At the end of each row we sew the last loop with the loop of the main color. 
Pattern "three of three" : 1st row - * 3n, from 3n (together) we unfasten three loops (In, 1 cape, In) * Knit from * to *. Invalid row - purl. 3rd row - * from 3p. we unbind 3 loops, 3 *, from * to *. Invalid row - purl. And so on. 
It should be 4 columns of 4 "shells" in each.

A thread of a different color is cut off and fixed. We bind the series with a thread of the primary color.

We knit 6-8 rows of garter stitch. Next, make holes for the lace: * 2 together, the cape, 2 n *. Knit from * to *.

We knit another 5 rows of facial smoothness. We attach a thread of a different color and knit "denticles". Cut the main color thread and fix it.

Having connected up to the end "denticles" we break a thread on more long. Fold the "denticles" in half, take the needle and begin to sew over the edge of the loop the first and last rows (as well as in the beginning, only the hinges are not assembled on the spoke but sewn). Sew the sole and the back of the booties. We knit a string or insert a ribbon. READY!

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