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A bat sleeve pullover is knitted with high quality Italian yarn.

Simple cut and simple knitting just for those who are just starting to knit.

Size 42-44. For knitting you need: 500 g of KEITH yarn (100% Mako cotton); Knitting needles number 4; loop holders; silk ribbon. 

Pullover knits face smooth: persons. in LR, izn. in IR. Knitting density: 19.5 p. And 31 p. = 10x10 cm
For the back dial 74 p. And knit 12 cm (38 p.). In the next row, add 1 p. On both sides for one-piece sleeves and then add 1 p. On both sides in each 2nd row another 54 times = 184 p.

At a height of 59 cm (148 p.) For a cuff on both sides, dial 30 p. = 244 p. And knit 9 cm (28 rows). In the next persons. row the first 30 points, then close the next 184 points and put the remaining 30 points on the holder until assembly.

Tie in front of the back of the mirror. Sew open loops on the front and back with a knitted stitch. Pull back 29 cm from the cuffs, shoulder seams (7 sts on each side). Tie a silk ribbon bow.

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