Knitting Winterweight Sweater Free Pattern

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Knitting Winterweight Sweater :
Size: 36/38 (4042 in) 44/46 
Before: Start the same way. But in 35 p. 
To add to all the differences 
In addition to the designated 
On both sides after the 
and up to Chrome. Another 1 p.; For size 
The 40/42 also eliminates the 
-103 (111) 121 
In the end- 
L. (Additional additions to the 
To compensate for the motive of the braid 
And the pattern is not taken into account.) The 
Those kites 13 cm = 35 R. continue 
Work as a basic pattern. At the same time 
Starting and finishing between Chrome. 1 
Persons, (persons.), in order to later 
The motive of the braid was made as a 
Meant. Through 9.5 cm = 28 p. (10.5 cm 
= 32 R.) 12 cm: 36 p. From the kite to start 
Perform on the average 37 p. msteve 
From the braid, on both sides to continue 
The main pattern. After the last p. 
Motive of the braid again knit at all 
Hinges of the main pattern. Perform 
Armholes as on the Backrest: (89) 99 p. 
Through 39.5 cm 118 R. (41.5 cm 124 
P.) 44 cm 132 p. From the Border close 
For neck cut average 9 
13 p, Yves each 2nd p. 2х 3.3, 2 of 
X 1 P. remaining 21 (24) 28 p. Shoulder 
On each side close at height 
Sleeves: Dial 50 (58) 56 p. and 
For a strap of 2 cm = p. pattern 
For the planks. Then link the pattern from 
Long N. At the same time 
and the 7th-32-M R. Pattern in the work of the 
74 (86) 98 p. Attention! For 
Sizes 36/38 and 44/43 to execute in 
35 p. Of the pattern after the 2nd initial paragraph 1 
Additional additions, remaining 
Add-on. As a 
The value; For size 40/42 Perform 
All the additions. As designated, on 
Height of the border of 35 p, in the work are 
57 (65) 75 p. At the height of the Fringe 13 cm 
36 p, continue the work of the main 
Pattern. At the same time, the 
DD for bevel sleeves with both hundred. 
Ron in every 12th p. 4 x and in each 
10th p. 4x1 p. 73 (81) 91 p., including 
Added P. In the pattern. After 30 cm 
90 p. From the Fringe close for the Okata 
Sleeves on both sides 3 L... In each 
2nd p. 1 x 2, 2x1 p., in each 4th p. 4 
X ' P, Yves each 2nd R. 7х 1.2 Х2i1 
x p. Through 44.5 cm 134 of the border 
Close the remaining 23 (31) 41 p. 
Collar: Dial 22 p. and knit 
Rum from the braid. Through 46.5 cm = 112 R. (48.5 
CM 115 R.) 50 cm = 120 R. From Suitebut 
The edge of all loops close, 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
Sew stacked and closed edge 
Collar. Combine the seam with the shoulder. 
Sew the collar, lightly 
Stretched right long edge 
to the neck cut. Stick your hand. 
Va. Perform side seams and seams 

You will need: 650 (700) 750 g 
Light brown yarn Cool Wool 
Big melanqe (1000.6 merino Sher- 
120, 5 g); Straight and circular 
Knitting Needles 4. 
1 & Surface: LCH r.-Persons. P., N. R. 
-N, N, 
Pattern for laths: 4 p. Persons. Surface 
Persons. P. N. Bend), 4 p, persons. Surface. 
At the same time start with 1 P, in follow. 
The P. Turn the bar on the bend 
Before work and get 1 p. 
Spoke with the basis of the corresponding 
Inlaid L together : Only 10 p. 
Pattern of long loops and braids: first 
Number of loops multiple 8 + 2 chrome. Knit 
Under scheme 1, which lists the persons. 
P. and 1. R. C Unmarked. R. 
All loops knit lo figure, start 
with 1 chrome. and loops before raport. 
Repeat the rapport, finish the loop- 
After Raport and 1 chrome. Associate 
1 time from the 1st to the 36th p... At the same time 
Add and Subtract, 
As designated, 
The basic pattern: an odd number of loops. 
Persons. R.: Krom., l Persons ", 1 N. The post- 
Menno, persons "chrome. IPMs. R.: All Loops 
Between Chrome. Knit faces. 
Motif of Braid (from 37 p.): Knit by scheme 
2, which lists only persons. 
P., in P. All loops inside the Mota- 
Knit. Outside Motive in 
Mostly patterned all loops knit faces. 
Link 1 time from 1st to 58th p. 
Braid pattern (from 20 p. + 2 Kroi.): Knit 
Between Chrome, under Scheme 3, on which 
are only persons. R... P. All 
Loops knit on picture, repeat with 
1st to 8th P. 
Density of knitting pattern for laths: 
18 p. and 10 p. (folded in half): 
10 x 2 cm; Pattern of long L. and Braid 
(7. "-32 R. E: 27 P. and 36 P. = x 13 
See Main pattern: 21 L. and 30 p, 10 x 
10 cm: A pattern of braid (measured in slightly 
Stretched condition): 22 p. and 24 p. • 
6.5 x 10 cm. 
Backrest: Dial up to (98) 106 p. and 
For a strap of 2 cm = 10 p. 
For the planks. Then tie the Fringe 
Pattern of long with coconuts, with 
This in the 7th-32-m p. Pattern Z Work 
There are 134 (146) 153 p. Attention! 
For the size 40/42 to execute in 35-m 
P. Pattern e each raport is 
added. NS in the finite p. 
not be added. At height 
35, in the work there are 101 
(109) 319 p. At the height of the Fringe 13 cm 
= 36 p. Continue operation of the main 
Pattern. 25.5 cm 76 from the border 
Close for armholes on both sides 4 p. 
Each 2nd P. 1 x Z. x 2 and 2x1 
P. = 79 (87) 97 p. Through 42.5 cm 128 
P. (44.5 cm 134 R.) 47 cm 342 p. St. 
Fringe Close for Groove cut 
Average 7 (9) p. and both sides 
Finish separately. For rounding 
Close from the inner edge in each 
2nd p. 3х 5 p. Through 45.5 cm 135 p. 
(47.5 cm: 142 p» 50 cm 150 p. from 
Fringe Close the remaining 21 (24) 28 
P. shoulder on each side. 

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