Crochet Thin Vest Free Pattern

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Crochet Vest Sizes: 34/36 (40/42) 46/48 
You will need: 350 (450) 550 g 
Sand yarn Novela (50% cotton, 
50% Polyacryl, 125 m/50 g); Direct 
Spokes 3.5 and IU 4; Circular Spokes and 
Hook Gk9 3.5; Two buttons. 
IPMs. Surface, Needles IU 3.5: persons. P.-N. 
P., N. P.-Persons. P. 
Diamond pattern, spokes 4: Number 
Loops multiple 20 + 2 chrome. Knit by 
Diagram, which contains only the 
Persons. P., in P. Loops Knit by 
Figure, the scum knit faces. The scraper. 
Start with 1 chrome. and loops before 
Repeat the Rapport, the 
Loop after the Rapport and 1 
Chrome. Repeat from 1st to 24th p. 
Density of Knitting: 26 p. and 29 P. = 10 X 10 cm. 
Backrest: Dial 102 (122) 142 p. and 
Tie to the strap 1 cm. Gla 
Dew. Then knit a pile of rhombuses. 
Nerez 38.5 cm 112 p. From the strap of the Base for sleeves on both sides 1 P. and additionally dial in each 2nd R. 1x2 and 1х3 p. = 114 (134 in) 154 P., including the added P. In the pattern. 
Through 56.5 cm 164 R. (60.5 cm 176 
R.) 64.5 cm = 188 p. From melting close 
For shoulder bevel on both sides B (7) 
9 p. Yves each 2nd P. 1 хbi4х5 (4x 
7 and 1 x 6) 5 x 8 p. Simultaneously through 
58 cm = 168 R. (62 180 R.) 66 cm 
192 R. From the strap close for cut 
Middle 28 p. and both are 
To finish separately. For armrest 
To close the inner edge of the 
Each 2nd P. 1 x 3, 1 x 2 and 1x1 p. 
Nerez 60.5 cm = 176 r. (64.5 cm = 188 
P.) 68.5 cm = 200 p. From the plank close 
On each side of the remaining 5 (b) 
8 p. Shoulder. 
Before: knit as well, but for the slots 
Cut to close through 18.5 cm = 54 in 
P. (22.5 cm = 66 R.) 26.5 cm = 78 R. From 
Medium 2 p. and both sides 
To finish separately on 50 (60) 70 
P. on each side. Simultaneously 
From the division of work close for 
Bevel slots from the inner edge to the 
Each 2nd p. 2х 1 P. on 48 (58) 68 
P. on each side. Run the 
Porate for sleeves, as on the backrest 
= by 54 (64) 74 p. On each side. 
Through 49 cm = 142 R. (53 cm = 154 R.) 
57 cm = 166 p. From the strap close for 
Neck cut from the inner edge 
2 p., in each 2nd R. 2x2, 10х1 p. and 
In the next 4th p. 1 x 1 p. finish 
Work at the height of the backrest. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams 
and top seams of sleeves. by cut 
Neck and cut-out slot dial 
On circular spokes 243 p., link 
For a lath 3 circular p. N. and all 
Loops close faces on the edges of the sleeves 
Dial 70 (82) 94 p., Associate 
For Laths Z R. The smooth, starting 
with 1 H. P., and all loops close the faces, 
Perform side seams and lower 
Seams, including short-sleeve 
The Rhone planks. For the upper hinge under 
button to attach the thread to the right 
Half front at 5 cm above start 
Slots, tie a chain of the P. 
3 cm long and join again. 
Run 2nd button loop 
The same but higher through B see Sew Buttons. 

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