Universal cool hat

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Universal cool hat from Hamelton Tweed 1! from the yarn shop 
First, it is two-sided: the special top of the four wedges looks good from both the front and the wrong side. Secondly, the hat from Hamelton Tweed will suit both men and women. Stylish and warm! 
On the spokes of 4 mm type 88 n (a tight fit on the head 53-54 cm, or more on your size - the loop must be a multiple of 2). Closing the circle. 
We knit a rubber band 1 * 1 about 57 rows or 25 cm (in my case, but it is better to measure on your head). 
Suppressing the crown:
we divide loops into 4 wedges, taking into account that 5 loops go down on each drop (2 points decrease with an inclination to the left, 1 purses, 2 elements decrease with an inclination to the right = 5 loops). In each wedge we reduce 2 loops, which means we reduce 8 loops in the same row. Glue knit through the row. 
So we knit until there are 8 loops left on the knitting needles (or so, if you initially had a different number of loops). We reduce them all 2 together to the right. The remaining 4 loops pull, thread. 
⠀ Hold the 
WTO, dry and wear with pleasure 

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