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Start knitting with a chain of air loops. The length of the chain should correspond to the length of the circumference of the notch (the girth of the product's neck), with the number of loops to be a multiple of 16, plus 1 air loop, then tie another 3 air loops on the rise and continue knitting as shown below. Thus, the white collar is tied with "Iris" threads, a crochet with a diameter of 1 mm, its length is 42 cm, which corresponds to 192 air loops plus 1 air loop = 193 bp, then 3 more air loops are raised. On the white collar turned 12 fan patterns (192: 16 = 12). The pink collar is tied with threads "Begonia", hook diameter 1.5 mm, consists of 11 fan patterns. The length of the pink collar was 51 cm: 176 bp. + 1 cp = 177 vp, and 3 more bp. on the rise. 

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