Cardigan Dress Free Pattern

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In the dark blue sample: Dial as many loops as you want to be in each "bubble" multiplied by the number of "bubbles" plus the edges of the 3 loops. Example: 3 + 9 × 3 + 3 = 33. The first row of seamy. The next row is a covered face: 3 Extreme facial + 9 Facial, turn the work on the wrong side, 8 Purl, the ninth to turn and rotate the work on the face, 8 facial, turn the work, 7 Purl, the eighth to turn the thread, rotate on the face, etc. until the left spoke will remain 1 loop of the first bubble and loops not participating in work, and on the right spoke 3 + 8 = 11 loops. 
So: On the right spoke you have 3 extreme + 8 loops of the first bubble. On the left: the ninth loop of the Bubble + loops are not involved in the work. The right needle is the face of the last loop of the bubble and another 9 loops of the next bubble. Turn the work, 8 purl, the ninth Obverny, turn the work, 8 facial..... Until you do the same thing as the first bubble. The third bubble as well as the previous (do not forget about the 3 loops on the left edge, do not touch them until you tie the last bubble) the last 3 loops (all loops will be on the right spoke) and now the next stage: Projjaja on all loops of numbers so 8 (since Iznanochnogo and Ending with the facial side. Next row-seamy: Do the same thing first as I described for the bubbles (only now on the wrong side. And again on all loops of 8 rows (starting from the facial and ending with the iznanochnym nearby. Repeat it all as much as you need. P.S.: Extreme 3 loops on the right and left fix the extreme bubbles from the spread. 
The number of loops in "bubbles" and straight rows between "bubbles" adjust from the desire and yarn you picked.
In the Blue sample (in rows)-everything is done exactly the opposite of what I described above. (As for me, the Blue sample turned out neater). If necessary, I will write a Porjadovo and a blue sample.

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