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Cardigan knitted Spokes. Braid pattern
Size 44

For knitting sweaters will need:
650 g of woolen yarn with added viscose of turquoise color and 6 pearly buttons. Knitting Needles № 4.

Patterns for Knitting:
Platelka Knitting-knit all loops obverse.
Facial surface (persons. Surface): persons. P.-Persons. P., N. R.-Izn. P.
Podgibka "Pico": 1-2 p. facial surface. 3rd p.: * 2 P. Together front, 1 scale *, repeat from * to *. 4, 5 and 6-th p.-Obverse surface.
The "braid" pattern is knit according to the scheme.

Density of Knitting: 10 x 10 cm = 18 p. x 28 P.

Cardigan Knitting:

Back. Knit two parts separately. For the left side dial 44 p., tie 6 p. podbending and then distribute the loops in this way: 7 p. Platelka Knitting, * 6 p. According to the scheme, 5 p. Platelka *, repeat from * to * 2 times, 6 p. On the scheme and 9 p. Platelka Knitting. At an altitude of 8 cm postpone knitting and perform the right side symmetrically. Then combine all the loops = 88 p. and continue knitting the same pattern. At an altitude of 18 cm from the beginning of knitting for Pritaliya reduce in each group of 5 p. Platelki knitting in each 2nd P. 2 times to 2 p. = 72 p. link 6 cm straight and make the addition in reverse order = 88 P. At an altitude of 42 cm from the beginning of the knitting to close for armholes on both sides On 3 p. and in each 2nd row 3 times on 1 p. = 76 p. On the general height of 63 sm to close on 23 p. For each shoulder, 30 p. For a neck and to finish knitting.

Right shelf knitting. To dial 47 p., to tie 6 p. podbending and then to distribute loops in such a way: 12 p. Platelka knitting, from * to * 2 times, 6 p. On the scheme and 7 p. Platelka Knitting. At an altitude of 18 cm, perform the pritalisation as on the backrest. At an altitude of 42 cm close for the armholes from the side seam 3 loops and in each 2nd row 3 times on 1 loop. At an altitude of 57 cm from the beginning of knitting close to the neckline in each 2nd p. 6 p., 4 P., 3 P., 2 p. and 3 times 1 p. At a total height of 63 cm close 23 p. For the shoulder and finish knitting.
The left shelf is knit symmetrically to the right shelf.

Sleeves Sweaters Knitting. To dial 40 loops, to tie 6 p. Podlivyi and to continue, performing the first and last 17 p. Platelkoj Knitting, Central 6 p. Knit on a scheme. Simultaneously to add on both parties in each 4-th row 13 times on 1 loop = 66 p. At height 46 sm to close for okata sleeves on both parties in each 2nd P. 3 times on 3 p., 3 times on 2 p., 4 times on 1 p. , 3 times 3 p. and the remaining 10 p. Total height about 56 cm.

Assembly and finishing of sweatshirts. Moisten the parts and let them dry. Make stitches and sew sleeves into armholes. On the edge of the right shelves raise all loops, tie 6 rows of bending and close loops. Just perform the bending on the neck cut. Bend the edges of the bending and sew on the reverse side, thus forming a jagged edge. On the right shelf perform 6 holes for buttons (to fly 1 p.): The first-about 14 cm from the bottom edge and the last-about 1 cm from the top edge, the rest evenly distributed. Sew the buttons on the jacket.

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