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Dimensions: 34/40 (42/46).

Data for size 42-46 is shown in brackets ().

If only one value is specified, it applies to both sizes.

Pullover length: 56 cm

You will need:

500 (550) g ​​of LINIE 155 SUPERCOOL yarn from ONline of lilac color number 139 (100% sheep wool, 145 m / 50 g); Knitting needles number 3 and 3.5.

Eraser (on the needles 3): alternately 1 person. n., 1 out. P.

The main pattern:

Persons smooth surface: individuals. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. P.

Patent loop: persons. R. - ex. n., in izn. R. 1 person n. 1 row below (enter the needle on the row below).

Knitting density: 21 p. X 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Pullover knit across from sleeve to sleeve.


Dial 60 p. And loop distribute the trace. way: chrome. Clause, * 10 persons. p., 1 patent loop, repeat from * 4 times, finish 14 persons. n., chrome. P.

Knit in this distribution.

For bevel sleeves through 10 p. from a set of loops on the left side in every 2nd p. add 20 x 1 p., then get 1 x 26 p. = 106 p.

Loops added knit faces. satin stitch.

After 72 (78) cm = 230 (250) p. from the set of loops on the left side, close 1 x 26 p., in each 2nd p. subtract 20 x 1 p.

Another knit 10 p., Then the remaining 60 p. Postpone.


Run symmetrically, i.e. add and subtract perform on the right side.

Assembly of parts:

For the strap of the sleeves, lay the loops of the sleeves of the front and back to work and knit on the needles No. 3, while in the 1st p. constantly knit 2 paragraphs together persons. = 60 p.

After 10 cm of elastic (= 32 p.) For the edge of both the last row to knit a trace. in the following way: 

To knit the right loop., Remove the left loop as izn., While holding the thread in front of the loop.

Open loop stitches knit stitch.

For the other strap sleeves for knitting needles No. 3, lift 120 points and knit as described above.

For the strap on the waist with the needles No. 3, lift 90 (100) points (= from each 2nd p. Lift 1 point) and knit 6 cm with an elastic band, while stitching the loops as described above. 

Shoulder seams 32 (35) cm, then side seams.

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