Nice Black and White Dress Free Pattern

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Cross knitting; Color changes through 2 rows

2) can be: knit mugs, as soon as the series with mugs completed, ie "circle closed" so knitting a number of pairs of connecting bars (or SBN) on the top of the circle and the air loops between the circles. And the next row: In each chain of the EAP in the middle is knit, and between these salso chains of the VP, half the smaller.
I'll Explain my idea in figures 
1st row, Final circle.
2nd row: * At the top of the circle 3 connecting bars (FTA), 7 VP, repeat from *
3rd row: * On the top of the Circle 3 сst, 3 VP, 1 in the chain of the previous row, 3 VP, repeat from *
The Numbers are just for example

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