Cardigan with a relief yoke free pattern

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Cardigan with a relief yoke Shelves  

and back are knitted with front face with a single canvas from bottom to top, combined with the details of the hands, and a round yoke, which determines the soft lines of the silhouette, is performed in a distant pattern. 

Journal “Burda. Creazion ”No. 4/2016 
S / M (M / L) L / XL 

You will need 
Yarn (68% wool of an alpaca, 10% of wool, 22% of synthetic wool; 50 g / 110 m) - 9 (10) 11 skeins brown; needles number 7; circular needles No. 6 and 7 are 80 cm 

long . Patterns and diagrams 

1-st row (= iz. row): 1 person., * 1 p. remove, pull the thread from the back, 1 person. *, turn from * to * Until the end of the series. 

2nd row (= face. Row): tie loops lyseum. 

Repeat these 2 rows. 
Facial surface
The front rows - face loops, the wrong side - the wrong side; when knitting in a circle: in all rows - only facial loops. 

2 paragraph with inclination of the left 
2 n. Knit together the front with a nib on the left: 1 n. Remove as the front, next knot the knit with the front and the removed loop to stretch through the connected. 

STATION 1 item: make cover, in the next row, turn over and knit at the back wall. 

Knitting density 
14 p. X 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface on the needles No. 7. 

Go to the new skein not in the beginning or at the end of the row (= near the edges of the sheets), and inside the knitted fabric - somewhere in the middle of the row. The ends of the threads are secured with a knit stitch, as when sewing on loops = on 3-4 loops.

The knitting tightness must match the given! 

If there are only one number in the installation instructions, it applies to all sizes. Execution of 


Cinderella / bookcase 
Knit on the round knitting needles in straight and backward directions with a single full-fledged. 

On round knitting needles number 7 dial 149 (161) 173 p. And knit for the bottom pattern of a figurine rubber. 

Through 5 p. work on the middle loops of knitting with the front face, on the extreme 11 points on both sides continue to knit with figurine rubber = straps. 

When the length of the product is approximately 53 cm, we divide the back and the shelves. 

Knit on the middle 71 (77) 83 p. For direct closing on both sides of 2, 2 p. And temporarily leave the work. 

Close hinges for straight in the same way as on the spine and temporarily stop working. 

Ha №7 dial needles 41 (47) 53 p. Knit rezinkoy shaped as to spinĸi Hazard description. 

After 5 p. continue to work facial gladyu. 

When the arm's length will be approximately 7 (8) 9 cm, to expand from both sides (after / before 2 extreme loops), add 1 p. These increments should be checked in every 8th p. 69 p. When the length of the arm is 43 (44) 45 cm, close from both sides to 3, 2 p. And temporarily leave the work. 

Petly translate all the details to round needles = only 227 (251) 275 n. And knit in rows in direct and reverse directions. First call 1 person. a number of facial and next izn. The sequence is similar to the first curly rubber band:

1st row (= izn. Row): knotted 11 p. Of a figured rubber sheet according to the pattern, 1 p. Remove (pull the thread along the inside of the work), * 5 persons., 1 p. ) *, turn from * to *, end a row by attaching a 11 p. film to a figure-shaped rubber band. 

2nd row (= person. Row): knit facial loops. 

Turn these 2 rows. 

Through 19 (23) 27 p. to complete a row with omissions: to tie up 11 sec. plani, * 4 persons., 2 sec. fasten together with the face with a tilt to the left *, repeat from * to *, end a row of 1 persons. and 11 p. planks. 

Continue to knit figurine rubber on the pattern - just run 15 p. after a number with reductions.

Next with the reductions, do the following: fasten 11 p. Of the bar, * 1 person., 2 p. Knit together with the front, 2 people. *, Repeat from * to * until the end of the row, end 1 person. and 11 p. planks. 

Then tie 11 p. shape figure to draw and perform the following row with omissions: 11 planes, * 2 persons., 2 items. fasten them together with the inclination to the left *, repeat from * to *, end a row of 1 persons. and 11 p. plani. Link 11 p. figure curtain on the pattern and execute the following row with omissions: 11 p. planks, * 1 persons., 2 p. knot together the face with the inclination to the left *, repeat from * to *, finish the row of 1 persons. and 11 p. planks. 

Go to the round knitting needles No. 6 and knit it with a curly rubber according to the pattern. 

When the width of the bead is about 3 cm, loop in the faces. close row front. 

Run the seams of the sleeves, sew in the hands. ‍ ‍ 

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