Amigurumi Keychain Bunny Pattern

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The author of MK-is invisible. 

Head and torso 

1.6 in the ring of Amaguumi 
2.6 increments (12) 
3.1 SBN, 1 Prib * 6 (18) 
4.2 SBN, 1 Prib * 6 (24) 
5-6 24 
7.2 SBN, 1 UB * 6 (18) 
8.1 SBN, 1 UB * 6 (12) 
9. The 12th 
10.1 SBN, 1 Prib * 6 (18) 
11.18 SBN 
12.1 SBN, 1 UB * 6 (12) 
13.6 UB (6) 

Stuffing as knitting. Leave a long thread, bind the hole and bring the thread to the place where will be our tail. I knit the tail last so that everything turns out symmetrically. 

Knit ears (diagram on the second photo): 
We recruit 14 VP, starting from the second loop knitting 3 SBN, 6 PRSs, 3 St with two scale, in the last loop we do at once 5 columns with two capes. Then knit in a circle of 3 St with 2 scum, 6 PRSs, 3SBN. Leave the thread for stitching. 

Legs: 6 in the ring. Then knit two rows of 6SBN. Fold twice, (thread from the center of the yarn legs), and put together 2 SBN. Leave the thread to be nailed. 

The ears and legs are pressed. 

Then knit a tail, look to the thread was centered, make a loop through the adjacent column so that the tail was centered. We make two VP, in the first 1 PRSs, 1ss. With the help of a needle fasten. 

We decorate the face: embroider the spout, I make eyes of ordinary beads. Toning ears and cheeks with blush or dry pastel.

Source : https://vk.com/wall-101383312_10038

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