Little Rainbow Elephant Free Pattern

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Little Rainbow Elephant

My height is about 8-9 cm. 
-Acrylic (100g-275 m) 
-Hook № 3. 
-Wire (thickness approx. 2.5 mm) 13cm, 
-4 pcs. Straight pins-needle with bead on the end, 
-A little white wool for felting (eyes), 
-2 Beads for eyes. 
-You can still cook the remaining yarn for strips, if you want to tie the elephant with strips. 
X-Column without a scale 
(...) *?-allocated in Skockas to perform so many times 
[...] -Number of columns in a row 

Torso (Body head))) 

1series B "Amaguumi ring" 6x[6] 
2row 6V [12] 
3row (x V) * 6 [18] 
4th row (2x V) * 6 [24] 
5th row (3x V) * 6 [30] 
6th row (4x V) * 6 [36] 
7th row (5x V) * 6 [42] 
8-17 series 42X [42]-10 rows. In these rows I knit stripes (in this case 7 colors of the Rainbow) 
18th row (5x a) * 6 [36] 
19th Row (4x a) * 6 [30] 
20th row (3x a) * 6 [24] 
21th Row 24x] 
22row (2x a) * 6 [18] 
Fill the torso. 

23-24 series of 18x [18]-2 rows 
25th Row (4x a) * 3 [15] 
26-27 series of 15x [15]-2 rows 
28th Row (3x a) * 3 [12] 
29-31 series 12x [12]-3row 
Fill the base of the trunk 
32 Series (2x a) * 3 [9] 
33-36 Series 9x [9]-4 rows 
Insert Wire. and knit pulling periodically knitting, whatever it was going to tension. 
37 series (X a) * 3 [6] 
38-42 series of 6x [6]-5 rows 
43 series (X a) * 2 [4] This range should go already over the wire. 
44-47 Series 4x[4] 
Cut the thread, pull the hole and fasten the thread. 
Attach the shape of a trunk. 

Ears (2 Detki) 

V-In the column of the previous row of 3 

1series B "Amaguumi ring" 3х [3] 
2row 3x[3] 
3row x V x [5] 
4th row 5x[5] 
5th row 2x V 2х [7] 
6th Row 7x] 
7th Row 3x V 3x [9] 
8th Row 9x] 
9th row 4x V 4x [11] 
10th Row 11x] 
Leave the tip of the thread 20cm 

Legs (4 details) 

1series B "Amaguumi ring" 6x [6] 
2-6 series 6x [6]-5 rows 
Leave the tip of the thread 20cm 

Legs fill, insert in them pins-needles. 
Put glue on the tip of the pin and stick to the place in the torso. 
The legs are nailed. The tip of the thread is deduced to the beginning of knitting trunk. 
Sewing the ears and also output the strings))) 

From the tips of the thread braid the desired length of the braid and get the tail! 

Attach the eyes to the eye 
Draw a blush. Embroider the mouth and the Boki. 

and!!! The Elephant is ready!!! 
Continue to decorate your own taste:)


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