Amigurumi Baby Doll Crochet

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 It is easy to knit, so the beginner can also connect it. 

Work time: 4 hours 
Difficulty: easy 
Dimensions of the finished toy: 8,5 cm 
 CA - amigurumi ring  
fl - air loop 
 sbn - column without crochet 
 ssn - pile with 1 napkin 
 ss2n - column with 2 nakidami 
 psn - semicolumn with crochet 
 pr - increment (bind 2 sb from 1 loop) 
 уб - decrease (we bind 2 сбн in 1) 
 сс - connecting column

Materials needed:  
 yarn for the head, hands and feet - Alize Cotton Gold (100 g - 330 m) - flesh 
yarn  body yarn and slippers - Nako Baby (50 g - 180 m) - lime 
yarn for petals - Alize baby wool ( 50 g - 175 m) - pink 
 yarn for wig - Filo di Scozia (50 g - 226 m) - brown 
 hook 1.7 
 filler 
 pins, needles, scissors, threads 
 for eyes - beads (can be replaced with large beads, safe eyes, half-beads)

Important notes:  
• You can use any other yarn - this will determine the size of the doll and its proportions. The size of the hook also depends on the yarn or on what you are more comfortable knitting. 
• All parts are knitted in a spiral, unless otherwise specified. 
• Use the marker - it will be more convenient for you. Less likelihood of losing ranks. 
• The details are filled in the course of the knitting, unless otherwise indicated.

The first stage was the handle, tomorrow lay out the legs. As you can see, you can easily catch up with us.

It's also not the last online, there are still a lot of interesting plans!

Join now! I will be very pleased :)

Always yours, Tasha! :)

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