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Author: Anna. 

Pillow "Cock" from African motifs. 

Materials: hook No. 2, mercerized cotton Polina 100 / 250m (200g in total), filler, eyes. 

For the rooster you need to link: 1 - 4 square, 24 - 6 square, 16 - 5 square, 6 - red 5 square. Schemes of motives taken from an Internet. 

Patterns of knitting motifs: 

Nose: cap (red thread) 1p-loop amigurumi 6e.p. 2p - 6sbn; 3p -12b; 4-5p - 12sbn; 7-9p - 18sbn; 10 -11p - 24sbn 

beard (red thread) (see photo) fits in the same way as a spout, but from 2 caps connected to 12 rows together in one canvas. 

The comb (red thread) is knitted from 6 red 5-squares (see photo):

Eyes - 2 pieces (white thread) 6 squares in the form of an African motive (there are 2 options in the photo) or use plastic eyes as on the main photo. 
All motifs are sewn together with a needle. 

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