Crochet Lace Dress Pattern

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Lace Dress 
You will need: Guja wool (50% BAM $ k-viscose, Cotton, 133 m/50 g) — 350 gray color. Hook No:2
Lower detail of the dress: knit on top In the (Knit the initial chain of 196 Commander. P...close the ring. Knit on Circle of 3 rows of art. In. Next, Knit 2 ver  The pattern of the raport of the scheme 1,
Then extend the canvas by 
Scheme 2 (in each second lane of 2 art. In 
and 1 AD Loops). Bring in 2 raport, then 
Remove a similar extension in other 
Bands (in the work of the group from the St. MN and 1 
Between them). Tie two pattern raport. 
Finish work 1 near the strapping. • 
The belief of the detail of the mats: join the Yupik 
Upper edge of the bottom part and knit in the 
Gutieme 1. Link 2 Vertical Reports 
Pattern, then splits "those cloth in half on the 
And the backrest and every detail, knit in a piece of cloth. 
In this case, mark the Obokam strips of 2 art. They 
1 AD. They are left for armholes. Spin loops 
and bind first before knitting 
From the beginning of the four pattern Raport and the work 
Finish. Similarly, tie the backrest part. 
Sleeves: Tie a chain of 40 here. P. + 3 
Commander. P. lifting. Knit art. "N. Projazyazh 
On both sides at the beginning and end of each row 
3 art. In together. Tie in this way 11 
Series, the work is finished. 
Assembly: Sew 9 (M each shoulder. Lice- 
Those sleeves, retreating B cm from the beginning of the armholes. 

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