Knitting Women Cap Free Pattern

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Women's Cap 

Dimensions: Circumference-47 (52.5, 58) cm, height with lapel-21.5 cm. 

Necessary materials: Yarn woolfolk Tov (100% Wool; 158 m/100 grams in a Hank) – 2 skein. 

Necessary tools: Circular spokes № 3.25 and № 3.5 length 40 cm, double-edged spokes № 3.5, loop markers, additional spokes, tapestry needle. 

The density of knitting: 31 loops and 32 series = 10 cm figure knitting, made by spokes № 3.5. 

Note: The cap is knitted in circular rows, starting from the bottom edge. 

Start knitting: Spokes № 3.25 Dial 144 (160, 176) loops. Place the marker and connect the loops in a circular series. Connect 15 cm Rubber band 1x1 (1 front hinge, 1 purl loop). Change the spokes to № 3.5. Tie 2 times rows of 1-12 figure knitting pattern. 

Upper part: Change the spokes to double-edged. Connect the series 1-20 on the scheme for the upper part-on the spokes left 18 (20, 22) loops. Cut off the thread, leaving the end length of 30 cm. Put the end of the thread in the tapestry needle and collect the remaining loops. Tight pull, fasten the thread and refuel on the wrong side. Slightly steaming warm knitted cap, excluding gum.

Source : https://vk.com/knit_for_soul?w=wall-91498131_41962

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