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Cardigan knitting patterns branch with leaves

The pattern "Branch with leaves" consists of 27 loops + 2 edge loops. The diagram shows only the front rows. Purl rows knit, as always - according to the pattern, and nakida - purl loops.

The expression “add one loop” will be met in the rapport scheme of the branch. This increase is made by knitting from the interception of the purl loop of the previous row (that is, one loop is knitted, as it were, twice). The added loops on the pattern are knitted with facial (on the inside side). The number of loops in the rows will constantly change, which gives relief leaves. On the pattern of the branch pattern there is a large number of "empty" cells (no loop), which should be ignored and proceed to knit only filled cells.The photo shows a branch consisting of the following rows according to the scheme: the initial part - from 1 to 12 rows, then 2 rapport in height - from 13 to 24 row (repeating part of the pattern), and the final central leaf - from 25 to 43 row (end branches).

The branch is located on the purl field, which is included in the scheme.

The front surface loops, which are partially visible in the photo on the sides of the branch, are not included in the pattern.

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  1. Posted by Maudje, at

    Where can I find the knitting pattern??

  2. Posted by walkerc3bb, at

    How do I print the cardigan knitting branch with leaves pattern? Thanks, Cindy

  3. Posted by Desire, at

    The patterns have been added. You can find it on the page.