Crochet Nice Sweater Free Pattern

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Sizes: 36-42 and 44-50 
You need: 750/1000 G siren- 
(00034) Schachenmayr yarn 
Cordelo (680/0 Polyacryl, 180/0 
Wool, 9% Alpaca, 5% polyamide, 
90 m/50 g); Spokes [\JQ 6; Circular Spokes 
NQ 6 length 60 cm; Leak. Spoke. 
Rubber band 2/2: Alternately 2 persons., 2 
IPMs. Openwork pattern: Number of loops multiple 
18 + 2 Chrome. Knit pattern on Diagram 1, 
On which the persons are given. and IPMs. R. 
In this case the persons. R. read from right to left, 
IPMs. R. From left to right. Repeat from the 1st 
On 32-th R. openwork pattern with a triangle of rubber- 
2/2: To continue the openwork pattern, 
The center of the Knit Triangle 
Rubber band 2/2. Knit pattern on diagram 2. 
In this case the persons. R. read from right to left, 
IPMs. R. From left to right. Series, designated- 
Gray, shows 32. 
Diagram 1, directly followed by 
followed by the 1st p. Scheme 2. 9th and 10th p. 
Middle rapport are cages 
Triangle. Repeat Rapport 
From the 1st to the 32-th R., with each 
Persons. R. Pattern Gum 2/2 Expands 
On both sides at 1 p. density of knitting. Openwork 
Pattern: 18 p. and 24 R. = 10x 10 cm; Gum 
2/2:22 p. and 24 R. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Backrest: Dial 112/148 p. and tie 
2 cm Rubber Band 2/2, thus starting 
A number of IPMs. R.) with Chrome. and 2 persons. and the 
Finish 2 faces. and Chrome. 2 cm from 
Set edge in the next IPMs. R. 
All hinges knit IPMs. 
Number add 16 p.-1 28/164 
P. Starting with the following persons. R. ve- 
Ty openwork pattern on the scheme 1. For 
This between chrome. Repeat 7/9 times 
Rapport. After 50/55 cm from the set 
Edge close to bevels shoulder with both 
sides in each 2-th 9x p. and 1 x 
5 p./9 x 4 p. and 1 x 9 p. At the height of 57/62 
CM from the set edge to defer for 
Necks remaining 64/74 p. 
Before: Knit like a backrest, but through 
30 cm from the set edge after you 
Ance 32-th R. openwork pattern, for 
Forming a triangular insert 
Rubber band 2/2 knit on pattern 2. When 
To the right and left of the triangle 
Continue knitting with openwork pattern. 
Simultaneously through 50/55 cm from the 
The Bourne Edge Close for Bevels plait 
Cha on both sides in each 2-M R. 9 x HP. and 1h5 p./9h4 P. i1h9p. At height 
57/62 cm from the set edge to postpone 
For the neck of the remaining 64/74 p. 
Sleeves: Dial 52/68 p. and knit 
Zinkoj 2/2. In this case, start a series with 
2 IPMs. and finish two faces. Through 42 cm 
From the set edge close for Okata 
Sleeves on both sides in each 2-D. 
7х3 p./7 x 4 p. Through 47 cm from the set- 
Close the remaining 10/12 p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
For collar on circular spokes NQ 6 
Translate deferred 128/148 p. Gore- 
Catch and knit rubber band 2/2. Through 
22 cm all hinges are free to close. You 
Seams and side seams. 
Lining, slightly priposazhivaja, sleeves, 
Cm. Marking * on pattern. 

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