Stylish dress with large pockets

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A stylish sundress with large pockets on the sides is knitted from warm and soft yarn.
DIMENSIONS  36/38 (40/42)


Yarn (50% polyacryl, 35% sheep wool, 15% alpaca wool; 125 m / 50 g) - 300 g coral and 200 g sulfur;
needles number 4;
circular needles No. 4, length 40 cm;
hook number 4.

Alternately 2 facial, 2 purl.

Facial rows - facial loops, purl rows - purl loops. In the circular rows of all loops knit facial.

Facial rows - purl loops, purl rows - facial loops. In the circular rows to loop all the loops.

and back rows - front loops. When circular knitting knit alternately 1 row of facial, 1 row of purl.

Knit a “chain” with the edging edges - in each row knit the last loop with the front one and the first loop with the wrong one.

1–8th rows: knit with gray thread on the front satin stitch.

9th and 10th rows: knit coral thread with short rows: 37 (39) n. Garter stitch, turn with a double loop, 37 (39) n. Knit coral stitch coil stitch in the opposite direction, trim the thread.

Rows 11–18: knit with gray thread on the face.

19th and 20th rows: knit with coral thread with shortened rows: move the loops to the other end of the knitting needles, knit 37 (39) sections with garter stitch, turn with a double loop, and knit 37 pieces (37) with coral string in reverse. direction, thread cut off.

Repeat from the 1st to the 20th rows.

From the right edge: chrome., 2 p. Gum / izn. smoothing, 2 p. knit together purl; 
from the left: 2 p. knit together izn. crossed, 2 p. gum / izn. smooth

In order to avoid holes when knitting with shortened rows, at the beginning of the row (after turning), lay the thread before work, enter the needle on the right in the 1st item and remove the loop with the thread. Then pull the thread back a lot, as a result, the loop will be put on the needle and a double loop will be obtained. In the next row, knit both sides of the loop together according to the pattern - face or purl.

20 p. X 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the front / back purl with the spokes No. 4; 
18 p. X 31 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the main pattern with short rows of spokes No. 4; 
30 r. = 10 cm, connected by an eraser with spokes No. 4.

Sundress consists of two identical parts - the front and back and two identical side parts. The side parts are much longer than the front and the backs; the parts protruding beyond the lower edges of the front and backs turn up and form pockets.


Gray thread dial 57 (61) p. And for the lower strap knit 6 p. garter viscous.

Work to continue the main pattern, starting with the 3rd row.

Through 53 cm = 166 p. from the bottom of all the loops knit coral thread 2 p. garter stitch and gray thread 2 p. facial smoothing.

Further between the edge knit gray thread with an elastic band, while in the 1st p. subtract 1 p. = 56 (60) p. and start with 2 persons. After 9 cm = 28 p. from the beginning of the gum, subtract (see Decorative subtracts) on both sides for bevels, first by 1 p., then in each 10th p. 2 more times 1 p. = 50 (54) p.

Simultaneously with the 2nd subtraction make on both sides of the label.

Through 27 cm = 80 p. from the beginning of the gum all loops close on the picture.

Knit as back.

Dial 66 (70) s with coral thread and knit with a purl.

Through 54 cm = 150 r. From the dial-up row, on both sides, first, perform 1 decorative trim, then in each 6th p. subtract another 19 times 1 p. = 26 (30) p.

After 103 cm = 284 p. the remaining 26 points temporarily leave.


ASSEMBLY Unscrew the
bottom edges of the side parts on the front side a width of 27 cm and sew along the two side sides, tucking the edge loops, with a mattress stitch = on the front side of the pocket - the front surface. The side parts are folded with the front and back according to the marks on the drawing of the pattern details and sewn with a mattress seam, while unscrewing the side hinges of the side parts above the pockets outside.

For straps that are knitted with armored straps, dial with coral thread on circular needles from the edge loops of the fragment into a rubber band on the front 30 p., Knit the deferred 26 (30) sections of the side part, dial 30 p. new 20 (22) n. = 106 (112) n., a series of close. Knit in a circle 7 p. front stitch, then close all the loops. The second strap to do the same.

For each pocket crochet 2 ties: on both sides of each pocket at a distance of 4.5 cm from the top edge to the seams, attach on a double gray thread and crochet along a chain of 90 ce, cut off the thread. Draw stitches in the form of stitches “forwards a needle” through the holes of the knitted pocket fabric (stitch length = 3 points). Tips to tie.

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