Crochet kitty skating free pattern

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MATERIALS NEEDED for knitting a cat:
- ALIZE COTTON GOLD yarn (blue No. 40 or No. 350, dairy No. 01, purple No. 616, green turquoise No. 610, a little light pink No. 371 for ears); 
- YarnArt JEANS yarn (hot pink No. 59, light yellow No. 004, a little red for the cheeks); 
- a yarn of Iris of light gray color for an edge of skates; 
- a bit of white cotton for ruching; 
- lace, sequins, beads, anything you like to decorate clothes; 
- hook No. 2.00 mm, 1.00 mm; 
- stocking spokes 2.5 mm 
- filler; 
- black beads for eyes of 5 mm or any other, to-rye you have; 
- nose screw or any other; 
- a piece of white and red felt; 
- some glue; 
- a small piece of fine wire for the tail (according to your desire)

SBN - a column without nakida 
PRE - increase (two SBN in one loop) 
UB - subtraction (two Sc: knit together) 
CCH - column with nakidy 
PSN - half-column with nakidy 
VP - air loop 
SS - connecting column 

Scheme of cat toys amigu on skates 
Legs + skates 

We start with a thread of bright pink color (or the one that you have planned), knit shoes: 
row 1: we collect a chain of 10 parts. + 1 vpp, in the 3rd loop from the hook 1 sbn, 7 sbn, 5 sbn in the last loop of the chain. We continue on the other side of the chain: 8 sbn, ss (21)
2 row: 2 VPPP, 1 psn, Pribb from psn, 6 psn, 2 Priba from psn, 2 psn, 2 Priba from pn, 6 psn, Prib from psn, 1 psn, ss (28) 
3 row: 1 VPP, 10 CABs, 2 PUBER from CAB, 5 PIB from Psn, 2 PIB, from UB, 10 UBN, SS (38) 
4 row: 38 UBN for the back loop 
5 row: 38 UBN for the back loop 
6 row : 38 UBN 
7th row: 10 UBN, (UB, 1 UBN) x6, 10 UBN (32) 
8 row: 12 UBN, (UB, 1 UBN) x2, UB, 12 UbN (29) 
9 row: 8 UBN, 6 UB, 9 sbn (23) 
10 row: 8 sbn, 3 UB, 9 sbn (20) 
11 row: 8 sbn, 2 UB, 8 sbn (18) 
12 row: 18 sbn 
We pack well shoes. 
!! 13 row: 18 sbn for the front walls of the loop (the sides of the shoes). Thread fasten, cut and hide.
Change the color of the thread on the milk !! 13 row: knit for the rear walls of the loop (4 sbn, UB) x3 (15) We look at the photo. 
14 row: 15 sbn 
Next we will alternate the threads every two rows. 
We stuff the leg in the course of knitting, but not tightly, gently. 
Change thread color to purple 
15-16 row: 15 sbn 
Change to dairy 
17-18 row: 15 sbn 
19-20 row: 15 sbn 
21-22 row: 15 sbn 
23-24 row: 15 sbn 
25-26 row: 15 sbn 
27-28 row: 15 sbn 
29-30 row: 15 sbn 
31-32 row: 15 sbn 
33-34 row: 15 sbn
35-36 row: 15 sbn 
37-38 row: 15 sbn 
39-40 row: 15 sbn 
41-42 row: 15 sbn 
43-45 row: 15 sbn 
Next we continue with violet thread 
46 row: (4 sbn , HAIR) x3 (18) 
47 row: 18 SbN 
48 row: (2 sbn, HAIR) x6 (24) 
When knitting the second leg, do not cut the thread! 

Blade for skates 

Yarn Iris light gray in color, hook № 
1.0mm Knit 2 parts with a length of 4 cm: 8 sbn in the ring amigurumi . And further in a circle. 

At the end of knitting, we make 4 UB, we tighten the hole. In the course of knitting we fill, but not tightly, so that our detail can be bent in the process of sewing.
We knit 4 short parts with a length of 0.5 cm (this is about 3 rows): 8 sbn in the spacecraft. 

At the end, we do not tighten the hole, we only fasten the thread, leaving a long end for sewing. Detail to stuff. 

Sew the parts together, and then sew to the leg, as in the photo. 
On the shoes do imitation laces. 

Connecting legs + torso 
After we connect the legs, a slight deformation will be noticeable, i.e. one leg will be slightly larger than the other. But when stuffing, this difference will go away. But if you are still very confused, then you can swap rows on legs 47 and 48, ie: row 47: (2 sbn, ARM) x6 (24), row 48: for the first leg 24 sbn, for the second 10 sat, i.e. we do not link this row to the end, but only to the middle of the inside of the leg. This can be done only on the second leg, it will not affect the appearance, and it will align the legs. 

We continue to knit purple thread. 
On the second leg, it connects 10 sbn to the middle of the inner side and makes 3 vp, we find the middle on the other leg and connect them to each other. Please note that my seam runs behind the torso, i.e. legs I heel to me. We continue to knit in a circle:
49 a row: 24 sbn on a leg + 3 sbn on a chain + 24 sbn on a leg + 3 sbn on a chain (54). We put a marker. 
50-55 row (6 rows): 54 sbn 
Change the color of the thread to green turquoise 
56 row: 54 cfn 
57 row: 54 sbn at the back loop 
Change the color of the thread to light yellow (blouse) 
58 row: 54 cfc 
59 row: 54 sat for a back loop 
60-67 a row (8 rows): 54 sbn 
We fill the lower part of a trunk. In the zone, so to speak, of the little girls, we don’t fill in much, because after 45 rows we sew the legs with stitches so that the toy can sit. 
68 row: (7 sbn, UB) x6 (48) 
69-70 row: 48 sbn 
71 row: (6 sbn, UB) x6 (42) 
72-73 row: 42 sbn 
74 row: (5 sbn, UB) x6 (36) 
75-76 Row: 36 Sat
77 row: (4 sbn, UB) x6 (30) 
Change the color of the thread to blue 
78 row: 30 sbn behind the rear walls of the loop 
78 row: behind the front walls of the loop with the same thread as the blouse (or any other) knit the collar: 10 sbn , 1 loop skip to the next. knit 5 CCH (in one loop), again skip the loop, 1 ss, 1 ss, skip the loop, 5 CCH (in one loop), skip the loop, 1 ss and continue on 10 ssn. To stitch the collar, sew it. 
79 row: 30 sbn 
80 row: (3 sbn, UB) x6 (24) 
81 row: 24 sbn Fill the 
item to the end, fasten the thread, cut and leave a long end for sewing. 


Knit with blue thread. Fill in the course of knitting. 
1 row: 6 sbn in the ring amigurumi (6)
2nd row: 6 ARR (12) 
3rd row: (1 sbn, ARR) x6 (18) 
4 rd: (2 srn, ARR) x6 (24) 
5 rd: (3 sr, ARR) x6 (30) 
6 rd : (4 sbn, Prib) x6 (36) 
7 row: (5 sbn, Prib) x6 (42) 
8-10 row: 42 sbn 
11 row: (6 sbn, Prib) x6 (48) 
12 row: 48 sbn 
13 row : (7 sat, Prib) x6 (54) 
14 tier: (8 cbn, Prib) x6 (60) 
15 tv: (9 sbn, Prib) x6 (66) 
16-21 td (6 rows): 66 sb 
Who screw nose, fasten it between the 16 and 17 rows. 
22 row: (9 sbn, UB) x6 (60) 
23 row: (8 sbn, UB) x6 (54) 
24 row: (7 sbn, UB) x6 (48) 
25 row: (6 sbn, UB) x6 ( 42) 
26 row: (5 sbn, UB) x6 (36) 
27 row: (4 sbn, UB) x6 (30)
28 row: (3 sbn, UB) x6 (24) Fasten the 
thread, cut, leave a long end for sewing. 
We sew the head to the body. 


We knit 4 details: 2 - blue, 2 - pink. Filling is not necessary. 
Dial a chain of 10 vp We will continue to knit in turning rows. 
1 row: in the 2nd from the hook loop 9 sat 
2 row: 8 sat 
3 row: 7 sat 
4 row: 6 sat 
5 row: 5 sat 
6 row: 4 sat 
7 row: 3 sat 
8 row: 2 sat 
9 row: 1 cc 
Two parts are put together and we tied a blue thread together with two parts together, in the corners we make 3 connections. Sew ears to the head. Amigurumi

cat face design 
Fasten the spout (I have between the 16th and 17th rows) and make up the mouth and the peephole (see photo). 

We make the first puncture in the area of ​​the mouth and draw the needle in the area of ​​the eye, make a small stitch and return the needle to the area of ​​the mouth again (the thread moves inside). And so we will repeat 2-3 times. Do the same with the other eye. 

We sew bead eyes, glue felt in the corners (I cut the halves of the moon out of felt and glue them around the beads). Embroider cilia, antennae and mouth, glue the tongue. 

Knit cheeks 12 sc in ring amigurumi . 

Getting started with a blue thread. Stuff in the course of knitting. 
1 row: 6 sbn in the spacecraft 
2 row: 6 ARROW (12) 
3 row: (1 sbn, Prib) x6 (18) 
4-8 row (5 rows): 18 sbn
9th row: (1 sbn, UB) x6 (12) 
10-22 row (13 rows): 12 sbn 
Change the thread for light yellow 
23-25 ​​row: from 12 sbn 
26 row: 6 UB, pull the hole, cut the thread leaving a long end for sewing. 
We sew handles to the body (I have it in the 76 row area) 


We knit a blue thread 
1 row: 8 sbn in KA 
2-5 row: 8 sbn. Stuff the tip of the tail. We will not fill the tail further. 
6 row: (1 sbn, ub) x2, 2 sbn (6) We knit to the desired length. I have a tail of 8.5 cm. I also inserted a thin wire into the tail, having bent the ears at the ends, so that the tail could bend. 
Sew tail under skirt. 
Schemes of knitting clothes for toys 

In the 57th row, we still have front loops. We attach a thread of green turquoise and knit: 
1 row: 54 sbn 
2 row: 2 ce, pribb from ssn to each loop, at the end of a row ss. 
3-8 series (6 rows): 2 ect., Knit ssn without increments to the end of the row, at the end of ss. Do not forget at the beginning of each row to do 2 vp rise. 
Thread fasten, cut and hide. 
Lace can be sewn to the hem of the skirt at will. 

Making a blouse 

In the 59th row, we still have front loops. We 
attach the thread of a light yellow color and knit: 1st row: 54 sbn 
Change the thread to white (I have 100% cotton yarn) and knit ruches, knit on the principle of a collar:
2 row: 1 loop skip to the next. knit 5 CCH (in one loop), again skip the loop, 1 ss, 1 ss, skip the loop, 5 CCH (in one loop), skip the loop, 1 ss, 1cc ... and so on until the end of the row. I did 1 cp before each shell, but this is not necessary. 

Thread fasten, cut and hide. 

Outerwear (jacket, snood, beret) 

Jacket or jacket 
When knitting a jacket, I stuck to this video: I’m just 

warning you that the calculation of the loops for this jacket is designed for a toy of 25-26 cm. If you have a toy more, then you need more loops recruit. I advise you to tie 2-3 rows and try on. Again, watch the video, everything is described in detail. 

Hook №2.0 mm, we pick a thread green turquoise 32 vp + 3 vpp Knit rotary rows.
1st row: 32 SSN 
2 row: 2 ce, (8 SSN, PRE) x3, 3 SSN, PRE, 1 CCH 
3 row: 2 epp, (7 CCH, PRIB) x4, 2 COS, PIB, 1 CCH 
4 row: 2 VPP, (6 CCH, PIB) x5, 6 CCH 
5 row: 2 VPP, 23 CCH, PIB, 22 CCH 
Do not forget to try on the jacket. All sizes of toys are different. Therefore, if you think that the blouse is too small, then tie a yoke 1-2 rows more. 
Further by the rules, before making the sleeves, we would need to make a small sprout on the back so that the jacket converges, but I needed the opposite, so that the jacket diverged. Therefore, I immediately began to connect the sleeves. The loops are distributed as follows: 7 (shelf) + 8 (sleeve) + 17 (back) + 8 (sleeve) + 7 (shelf).
6 row: 2 VPP, 7 CCH, 5 CE, 8 loops are skipped, and in 9 loop we knit the first CCH of the backrest, 17 CCH in total, 5 more steps further, 8 skip and in 9 loop knit first CCH shelves, only 7 CCH 
Again, try on the jacket on the toy. 
7 row: 2 VPP, 7 CCH, 5 CCH along the chain of the sleeves, 17 CCH, 5 CCH along the chain of the sleeves, 7 CCH 
8-9 row: we knit with rotating rows to the desired length. 
Knit sleeves. From the inside out, we attach the thread to the armhole of the sleeves, do 2 cepps, and knit in a circle 5 CCH along the chain, in the side column of the CID of the CRA (see photo), 8 CCH and again of the CRO in the bollard, at the end of the SS. And so in a circle to the desired length. I have 6 rows. 
Tie the bottom of the jacket and shelves sbn purple. At the request we decorate the jacket with sequins, buttons, beads. 

Snud Scarf 

knit with a rubber band 2x2.
We collect on the needles No. 2.5mm 10 loops + 2 edge (12 loops in total) 
1 row: remove the first edge loop without knitting, then knit 1 person. (2 wear, 2 persons) and so alternate to the end of the row, the last edge we knit the loop too. 
2 row: knit we remove according to figure 1, 1 person., (2 ws, 2 people) alternate until the end of the series, the last one. from 
I have a width of 2.5 cm. The length is 30.5 cm, you can even make the length a little less, but again try it on. 

It takes 

Hook №1,0 mm to dial 
one number 6 sc in SC 
2-3 row: 6 sc 
continue hook №2,0mm 
4 number 6 PRIB (12) 
Row 5 (1 CLO PRIB) x 6 (18) 
6 Row: 18 PUB from SSN (36) 
7 row: 36 SSN 
8 row: (4 PRS, UB) x6 (30)
9th row: (3 SSN, UB) x6 (24) 
10 row: 24 sbn Fasten 
, cut and hide the thread. 

Everything, it is possible to dress up our kitty!


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