Crochet Colored Amigurumi Horse

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Preparation for the New Year in full swing. We knit a colored Pony =)))

lo1 (448x600, 185Kb)
On the pony all you need: №3-1pcs, №4-3 pcs, №5-19 pcs, №6-15 pcs, №7 - 2 pcs. And two hexagonal ears ... Just 42 motifs. (this is in my understanding) 

I'm going to hang out with a daisy 320m. 75g. 100% cotton

because I want to pony like the original I had to draw (I hope everyone understands will) if someone do not be draw into the program I change a triangle 
Thanks nadin32 for shemku made with my scrawl 

is a pentagon (also fit hexagon and seven, are simply added veerki) 

to connect motives can so (stitching) 

Here's the future head (motives) 

Here's the process went (triangle and three pentagons) 

Next three more pentagons ( before) 


THIS IS ALREADY OUCHKO (the hexagon tied the floor next to it and another row without a crochet, then turned into a tube and sewed with a thread, ready ears will be sewed and not tied), 

yellow is the back of the neck pentagonal and two hexagons are the neck


is already on the top five and six to the bottom 

So the body is almost ready, 

here are two side legs already ready 

and so on the turtle it looks like 

two front legs are ready. 

I still decided to make a lining of caprone (for greater safety), these legs are 

all legs separately, and head and corpse together there 

was one motif hexagonal and mane with a tail 

PHOTO IN DIFFERENT EXPORTS without the mane and the tail of the


that's the mane with the tail of 

Ur so here is my RAINBOW! 

I knitted a chain of air loops equal to the length of the mane along the ridge. Then cut the thread into pieces that are equal to the length of the mane (well, this is the "hair" itself) and tied a knot on the back of the chain to each of the loops on each side of the chain. singing, for which I tied the mane (hair) 

.Other way of sewing motifs: 

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