Patterned Poncho

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Patchwork effect: The elastic bands and the squares turn the poncho from the yarn of sectional dyeing into a beautiful urban model. Fits any shape and size.

Model description
For patterned ponchos you will need
900 g melange yarn Maylla rust color (45% alpaca wool. 40% wool. 15% Bamboo fibre. 75 m/50 g)
Straight and circular spokes № 5
Hook № 5
Gum A: Number of loops multiple 5 + 3. Persons. P.: * 3 persons. P. 2 P. from * repeating, finishing 3 persons. N. P. Loops knit on the figure. Braid Pattern: Number of Loops multiple 10 + 4. Knit by scheme 1. On which the persons are listed. P. In the R. Loops knit on the figure. Repeat from 1st to 10th p.

Pattern with rosettes: number of loops multiple 4 knit according to the scheme 2. On which the persons are listed. and N. P. Repeat from 1st to 4th P Elastic Band v. Circle, p.: An even number of loops. Alternately 1 persons., 1 of the shortened rows for the pattern with roses: P. Knit to change pattern. Remaining p. Postpone, then work turn. 1 p. Remove with 1 scale. As a... In this case, the yarn is tight and knit further according to the pattern. In the next p again knit at all p.. At the same time to tie the scum with the next p. Together

Density of knitting. Gum A: 18.5 p. and 19 p = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern of Braid: 21 p and 19 p. = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern with roses: 17 p. and 17.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm. Attention, poncho knit of two identical details. Arrows on the pattern = direction of knitting. Patterns have a different number of loops. Loops to the beginning of a pattern should be added or diminish accordingly. Distribution of patterns to perform on schematic diagram. Pattern with roses = 46 p., the rest of the patterns = 50 p. respectively. For this 2 times in each 18th p. Inside the rapport in height knit shortened p. Job description (2 parts): Dial 104 and between Chrome. Knit according to the schematic pattern. After 104 cm = 196 R. From the inlaid edge all loops close. Assembly: Sew the parts according to the pattern so. to match the symbols. Outer edge to tie 1 circle. P. Art. b/N. For a lath on circular spokes to dial on edge of a cut of a neck of 136 p. and to knit a rubber-band v. Paying attention to that. That in a corner of a cut of a neck there were 1 persons. P. To give shape in each 2nd round, p 3 average p. Angles of neckline cut through the neck together (= 2 p. To remove together as persons., 1 persons. And stretch it through the removed loops). After 7 SM from the beginning of knitting laths all loops to close on drawing. On an outer edge at intervals of 5 SM to execute a fringe from 3 threads in length on 30 sm.

Patterned Poncho Pattern

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