Brown Cardigan with Jacquard Yoke

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S (M – L) XL; 
chest girth: 87 (98–107) 115 cm; 
total length: 60 (62–64) 67 cm; 
sleeve length: 47 (46–46) 45 cm. The 
length can be varied. 

yarn (100% alpaca wool; 110 m / 50 g) - 9 (10–11) 12 skeins (50 g each) melange brown and 2 skeins (50 g each) natural-white; circular and stocking needles number 3 and 3.5; loop markers. 

Alternative Yarns: Peer Gynt, Smart, Duo, Medi. 

When choosing an alternative yarn, carefully read the label directions for the composition, length and weight of the yarn. 


When knitting in circular rows, knit only the front loops. 

When knitting circular knit alternately 1 person. crossed (knitting needle to enter from the wrong side of the work), 1 out. 

Jacquard Pattern 
Knit using the jacquard technique of the front satin stitch in a circular pattern. 

22 p. = 10 cm, connected by the front surface of the needles No. 3.5. 

The dimensions refer to the finished product, include allowances for freedom of movement and correspond to the reduced knitting density pattern. Check your knitting density pattern with the above. If you knit more tightly or loosely, replace the knitting needles with a full-measure number more or, respectively, less. 


On the No. 3 circular knitting needles, dial with a melange brown thread 192 (216–236) 252 p. And knit 7 cm with an elastic band in circular rows.

After 95 (107–117) 125 points (= back) and then through 97 (109–119) 127 points (= in front), mark the sides with two markers. 

Continue to knit the front stitch on the circular needles No. 3.5 in circular rows, moving the markers up. 

After 37 (39–40) 41 cm from the elastic, close on both sides for the armholes 12 points each (= 6 points on both sides of each marker) and postpone the work. 

For stocking needles No. 3, dial with a melange brown thread 50 (52–54) 56 p. And knit with a 7 cm elastic band in circular rows. 

Attach the markers to the first and last loops of the circular row and then knit on the hosiery knitting needles No. 3.5 with the front satin pattern in circular rows, while at the same time adding for the bevels in the 1st circle. on both sides of the marker, 1 item each = 2 items added in total

Similarly, repeat the increase every 2 cm until the needles are 80 (86–90) 96 p., While continuing to knit the front satin line in circular rows. 

After 47 (46–46) 46 cm from the dial, close on both sides for the dresser, just 12 points each: 2 points with a marker + 5 points on both sides of the marker. 

Loops temporarily leave. 

The second sleeve is knit similarly. 

left loops of both sleeves on circular needles No. 3.5 between the back loops and the front instead of the closed loops for the armholes = total 304 (340–368) 396 p., Attach only 4 markers to the 2 extreme loops at the parts alignment points.

Start knitting a round yoke from a marker on the back of the face by the smooth surface in circular rows, at the same time, for the reglan bevels, in each circular row, lower 3 (4–4) 4 times 8 points, for this, knit 2 points together before each marker knit each marker on the 2 pp together with the front crossed = 280 (308–336) 364 p. 

Next, knit a jacquard pattern in circular rows according to the counting scheme, continue to perform the subtracts, and distribute the loops of the pattern starting from the middle of the front (count the loops of the pattern again after of each circle with decreasing) = 224 (238–26) 280 p. 

At the end of the counting scheme knit 3 (3-4) 5 krug.r. melange brown thread with the front satin stitch and in the next circular row subtract 32 (34–38) 40 paragraphs as follows: * 5 persons., 2 points. knit together the front one, from * repeat.

To repeat the reductions, as indicated on the counting scheme, over the previous reductions, 3 more times in each of the following 4 (4–5) 6th circles; simultaneously after 7 krug.r. before the end of the part, leave the average 25 points of the neck of the front and further knit in rows in the forward and reverse directions. 

Both sides of the forehand finish separately. 

To round the neckline, leave on the auxiliary needle 8 paragraphs: 1 time, 2 points on both sides in each next row, and then 6 times on 1 point in each row = 24 points of shoulders on each side of the notch. 

On working circular needles No. 3.5, reshoot all the loops left and knit 4 circle. front smoothness, while uniformly subtract in the 1st circle. loop so that the needles left 116 (120-120) 124 p.

Further, on the circular needles No. 3, knit for the neckline 8 cm with an elastic band in circular rows. Then close all the loops on the picture. 

Beyke folded in half, turn inward and sew from the wrong side, without tightening the edge. Run the armhole seams.

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