Knitted Snowman Crochet

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The work will require: 
YarnArt Baby yarn red and green (100% acrylic; 150m - 50g); 
Madame Tricote Paris DORA yarn is white (100% acrylic; 250m - 100g); 
A small piece of orange and plush thread; 
Buttons 1cm; 
Hook 2.5mm and 1.75mm; 
6mm bead eyes. 

SB - column without nakida; 
KA - amigurumi ring ; 
SSN - double crochet; 
P - 2 loops in one base; 
SS - connecting column. 

Description of the knitting process of a snowman: 
On the details of the toy (nose-hands), leave a long thread for sewing. 

We fill the toy with holofiber in the process of knitting. Head-body-legs fit in one piece. Let's start to knit from the head. 

1st row: 6Sbn in SC; 
2nd row: 6P (12); 
3rd row: 1Sbn, P (18); 
4th row: 2Sbn, P (24);
5th row: 1Sbn, P (3Sbn, P) x5raz, 2Sbn (30); 
6th row: 4Сбн, П (36); 
7th row: 2Sbn, P (5Sbn, P) x5raz, 3Sbn (42); 
8-13 row: 42 Sat; 
Row 14: 5Сбн, Ub (36); 
15th row: 4Bs, Ub (30); 
16th row: 3Sb, Ub (24); 
Row 17: 2Sb, Ub (18); 
18th row: 1Sbn, Ub (12). Thread cut off. 
19th row: 12Sbn; 
Row 20: 1Sbn, P (18); 
21st row: 18Sbn; 
22rd row: 2Sbn, P (24); 
23-31 row: 24 Sat 

For the first leg we knit: 
1st row: 12Sbn (we leave the following 12 columns for the 2nd part, ie we skip it); 
2-5 number: 12Sbn; 
6th row: 4Ub (8). 
The second knit in this way. 
Loops to collect a needle and pull. 

Knit a carrot nose: 
Knit orange yarn.
1 row: 4СБН in spacecraft; 
2 row: 4СБН; 
3 row: P, 3СБН (5); 
4 row: 5СБН. 
Sew on nose, beady eyes. 

Knit the hands of a snowman: 
Knit respectively 2 parts. 
The red color of the thread at the mittens. 
1 row: 5СБН in spacecraft; 
2 row: 5P (10); 
3-4 row: 10СБН; 
5 row: 4СБН, 1 lush column, 5СБН; 
Knitted snowman crochet Johnny 
6 row: * 1 sc, U * 1sbn (7); 
7 row: behind the rear half loops in white - 7СБН; 
8-13 row: 7СБН. 
Connect the parties, knitting 3SBN. 

Strapping mittens plush (textured) yarn. 

In the 7th row behind the front half loops, we knit in each loop by 2SBN, SS. 

Sew on the body. 

Knit cap:
Alternating green and red stripes every two rows! 
We start with green yarn. 
1 row: 6СБН in spacecraft; 
2 row: 6СБН; 
3rd row: 1СБН, П (9); 
4 row: 9СБН; 
5-6 row: 9СБН; 
7 row: 2СБН, П (12); 
8-10 row: 12СБН; 
11th row: 3СБН, П (15); 
12-14 row: 15СБН; 
15 row: 4СБН, П (18); 
16-18 row: 18СБН; 
19 row: 2СБН, П (24); 
20 row: 24СБН; 
21 row: 3СБН, П (30); 
22 row: 30SBN; 
23 row: 4СБН, П (36); 
24 row: 36СБН; 
25 row: 5СБН, П (42); 
26-28 Row: 42СБН; 
28-29 row: 1 on 1 elastic band from raised semi-columns with a crochet. 
We make a tricolor pompon, sew to the cap.

Knit a scarf snowman: 
Recruit a chain in red from 35VP + 3VP and tie a chain CCH. Change the color to green and tie the sc. 

Sew multi-colored buttons to the body. 

Snowman do it yourself! 

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