Amigurumi Lamb Doll Free Pattern

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Mini Lamb Lupo
PC-Popcorn (4 PRSs in one loop)
PSN (needle with crochets)
VP (Air Loop)
SP (connecting Loop)
Knit Spiral PRs
1p-Magic Ring (6p)
2p-2p in each p (12)
3p-2p in 1p, p, 2p in 1p, N, 2p in 1p (3akonchit row, start 4rs)
4rs-Oil for the back half of the loop
6p-4p, 2p together, 2p together, 7p (13)
7p-4p, 2p together, 7p (12)
8r-3p, 2p together, 7p (11)
9r-11p (with this series to knit a different color)
11R-1p, 2p in 1p, 4p, 2p in 1p, 4p (13)
12 p-knit Two legs together (26)
13R-2VP, (PC, PSN) 13raz (26)
14r-2p in 1st p, 24p, 2p in 26th P (28)
15r-SP, 2VP, (PC, PSN) 14raz (28)
16r-2p in the 1st P, 26p, 2p in last P (30)
17r-SP, 2VP, (PC, PSN) 15 times (30)
18r-2p together, 26p, 2p together (28)
19r-SP, 2VP, (PC, PSN) 14raz (28)
20p-2p together, 24p, 2p together (26)
21R-SP, 2VP, (PC, PSN) 13raz (26)
22r-2p together, plastic, 2 p together (24)
23R-SP, 2 VP, (PC, PSN) 12 times (24)
24p-2p together, 20p, 2 p together (22)
25R-SP, 2 VP, (PC, PSN) 11 times (22)
26r-2p together, 18p, 2 p together (20)
No more closing rows
28r-8p, 2 n Together, 8p, 2 p together (18)
Change thread

29r-2p in Kazhduju3-yu P (24)
20s-2p in every 4th P (30)
31p-2p in every 5th P (36)
32 R-2p in every 6th P (42)
33 R-2p in every 7th P (48)
34-39 p 48 p
40R-Every 7 and 8 p together (42)
41 P-Each 6 and 7 p together (36)
42 P-Each 5e 6 p together (30)
43 P-Each 4 and 5 p together (24)
44 P-Each 3 and 4 p together (18)
45 p-Each 2 and 3 p together (12)
46 P-2 p together (6)
Hands-2 PCs
1p-Magic Ring (6)
2p-2p in each p (12)
3p, 4rs-12p
5p-PC, 11p (12)
6p, 7p, 8r-12p
9r-2p together, 10p (11)
10r, 11r, 12p-11p
13R-2p together, 9p (10)
Change thread
15r, 16r, 17r-10p
18r-2p Together, 8p (9)
Beat the brushes and close the loops
1p-Magic Ring (6)
2p-2VP, PC + PSN in each p (12)
3p-2p in each p (24)
4rs-(PC, PSN) 12 times (24)
5p-(2p in P, p) 12 times (36)
6p-(PSN, PC) 18 times (36)
7p-2p in every 9th P (40)
8r-(PSN, PC) 20 times (40)
10p-(PSN, PC) 20 times (40)
11 P-40p
I added another row of popcorn and the last PRS, it seemed to me that the beanie is a little
Ears-4 pcs (2 single colors, 2-Other)
1p-Magic Ring (6)
2p-2p in each p (12)
3p-2p in every 2nd P (18)
4rs-2p in every 3rd P (24)
Tie 2 pieces together PRS, sew
How to start knit body look at my album Lalilula, there is a description of the big lamb

and group photo :

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