Crochet Toy Pig Beginer Tutorial

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Today we make crochet toy pig

you can do it

For my pig, I took baby tights with a pattern. The color came just in time :) First, cut off the part on the body.

Incision for legs.

Cardboard circles give stability.

Cardboard circles give stability.

Filling. We postpone.

This is the future head.

In these four points there will be tightening-grooves for the eyes and corners of the mouth.

We pull, pulling the needle alternately from each of these points.

Smile. The string stretches from above.

To the cheeks were thicker, I pull them from below and to the ears.

It's time to heel. From the wrong side I'm piercing and turning it to the front.

Slightly stuff to make a pancake. I make two suits.

I cut out the ears. I fold the fabric so that it resembles a pig's ears.


There are not enough paws.

Final touches! And it's ready! Thank you for attention!

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