Amigurumi Sunflower Free Pattern

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Ka-Ring Amigurumi
VP-Air Loop
PRS-Column without a throw
PRSPs-Needle with Crochets
PRSs-Column with Crochets
D-Raise (one PRS knit two PRS)
UB-Decrease (two PRS knit together) I use an invisible UB (two PRS Provjazyvaju behind the front hinge walls)
DV UB-Three PRS knit together (also for the front wall PRS)


1.12VP, starting with the second 10SBN, 3SBN in the last, on the other side of the Circle 9sbn, D (24)
2. PR, 10SBN, (1PSSN, 1SSN, 1PSSN) in one PRS, 10SBN, D × 2 (29)
3.1SBN, D, 11SBN, (1 PRSPs, 1SSN, 1PSSN) in one PRS, 11SBN, (1, D) × 2 (34)
4-5.34 PRS
6.11SBN, UB × 2, DV, UB × 2, 12SBN (28)
7.7SBN, UB × 6, 9SBN (22)
8.1SBN, (1SBN, UB) × 6, 3 (16)
9. (2SBN, UB) × 4 (12)
10.12sbn. Only the foot.
11. (1SBN, UB) × 4 (8)
Fasten and cut the thread

2nd Stage

Beams 6 pcs

1.8SBN in Ka
3. PR, 7SBN
4. PR, 8SBN
5. PR, 9SBN
6. PR, 10SBN
7.2PR, 5SBN, D, 4SBN
8.2PR, 6SBN, D, 6SBN
9.1SBN, D, 8SBN, D, 7SBN
10.11SBN, 2PR, 7SBN
11.12SBN, 2PR, 8SBN
12.13SBN, 2PR, 9SBN
13.14SBN, 2PR, 10SBN
17. (5SBN, UB) × 4
18. (4SBN, UB) × 4
19.20sbn not to beat. The thread is fastened and cut off

3 Hand Stage

6pcs Fingers
1.8 in Ka
5. UB, 6SBN
6. UB, 5SBN thread fasten and cut
Middle finger
1.8 in Ka
5. UB, 6SBN
7. UB, 5SBN the thread is not cut, continue to knit the brush.

Left hand, start with the middle finger
1.3SBN on average, 6SBN at the extreme, 3sbn on average, 6sbn on the second extreme.
6.8SBN, Vvjazyvaem big finger 3sbn, 7SBN
7. (4SBN, UB) × 3 = 15SBN i vvjazyvaju finger on two rows,
Those in the first row snap 3 PRs fingers and brushes simultaneously, the second row of knitting on the remaining 3SBN finger.
8. (3SBN, UB) × 3 = 12SBN to beat Palm
9. (1SBN, UB) × 4 = 8SBN

Right hand
Up to the fifth row knitting also as the left
6.12SBN, Vvjazyvaem big 3SBN, 3SBN
Further as on the left

4 Stage Body
1.6SBN in Ka
2.6 × D = 12SBN
3. (1SBN, D) × 6 = 18.
6. (1SBN, UB) × 6
7.6 × UB
8.6 × D = 12
9. (1SBN, D) × 6 = 18SBN
10. (2SBN, D) × 6 and TD surcharge to the series (10SBN, D) × 6
Next we need to get 76 loops. If we do (11SBN, D) × 6,
That will get 78 loops. Therefore we do (11SBN, D) × 5, 10SBN, UB = 76SBN
Two rows of knitting just 76 PRS
On the trail. Two rows of tie handles, legs, rays.
The last decrease is the center of the top.
In the second row of the binding between the Rays can make a loop of 60 air loops. There will be a suspension.
Then we make uniform decreases. In two rows at the end of the Ubavku are skipped.
Te (11. UB) × 5, 11SBN. ; (10, UB) × 5, 11SBN.; And then as usual (9, UB) × 6 and to the end. Close the loops, hide the tip.


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