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Today I will knit for a girl of 4 years. Soft Merino threads, 50g. -100m. Hook number 2.5. Let's get started I started to knit with a lining. diameter-14cm, height-17cm Knit by semi-columns  To make the ears a little wider, the number of loops of the volume divided not by 5, as is customary, but by 4. In my case, 78 loops divided by 4 are 19 and 2 residual loops. I added them on the front, as well as 5 more loops removed from the backside and add on before. It turns out: 19 loops (ear) -26 (front) - 19 (ear) - 14 (rear). Ears knitted 10 rows, without declines, the next 4 rows, at the beginning and at the end of a row, knit together 3 semi-columns in the last row and knit all the columns together. It turned out 15 rows. Similarly, knit the second eyelet. Getting down to knitting the main part.

Girls, I want to apologize right away, I didn’t think, then it was already too late. The fact is that the cap on the top, in my version, is single. Been out for our weather conditions. And for the winter with a minimum temperature of -5 and this turns out to be too warm. If someone thinks my version is too thin, then you can change the shemka and knit the top cap, as is customary, from the top of your head. After knitting with semi-columns to the required diameter, go to the main pattern. 
I will continue to tell you how I knit. 
Instead of air loops, we immediately make a spliced ​​row of double crochets, it turns out to be more flexible, and the edge does not tighten when assembled. Thus recruit the necessary number of loops, I-78, closable in a ring and knit bottom up in the main pattern  last series and sc knit binds connective loops 

I got 6 rows with knobs. 
Next, divide the bottom row into ears, as well as lining 19-26-19-14. When knitting ears, you should try to separate the fabric so that the integrity of the pattern is not disturbed. Here is a diagram of the ears, as I knitted. I  hope that everything is clear. If not, ask. And yet, the first row of ears must necessarily begin to knit from the wrong side of the cap. Here is what should work.  Similarly, tie the second ear. Then we connect both parts together and knit sbn.  Bind it with a scrawny step. Then we make and attach the pompos. Our hat is ready. The cap took 160g of wool plus about 40g. on pomoshki. 

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